Bike locks, the best padlocks on the market

Bike locks, the best padlocks on the market

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What is thebest padlockto protect oursbicyclefrom the bad guys? Padlocks arched,padlockswith chain, compact and foldable padlocks, with reinforced cable, with spiral cable… there are many types oflocks for bicyclesthat we find on the market ... Among these what is thebest?

Every year thousands of bicycles are stolen. This doesn't have to happen, not to our new onebike! When choosing abicycle lockstwo factors must be considered, first of all safety: how resistant is thepadlock? This can be estimated on the basis of characteristics such as materials of use, diameter, closure system ... The second determining factor for choosing abike lockis its practicality: is it easy to use? Better to avoidpadlocksand systems that are too elaborate, after the first applications it is easy to tire of the assembly, especially when the stops are short.


THEpadlockswith coiled cable or simple cable, they can be suitable to protect thebicyclefrom thefts during short stops. They are not at all suitable for protecting thebikein high-risk areas or for prolonged stops. For long-term stops, thebest padlockit is undoubtedly the arched one. THEpadlocksarched can be attached to various external objects, based on the length of the arch of thepadlockchosen, the objects can be more or less thick: a goodpadlockarch can fix thebicycleto a light pole so as to provide protection even against pull attacks. THEpadlocksarches are usually made with case-hardened steel. The cost varies from model to model, generalizing about 30 euros.


As an alternative topadlocksarched are the anti-theft devices in steel bars. Thesebicycle locksoffer excellent protection in high-risk areas and their use is recommended forhigh-value bicycles. This type of anti-theft device is slightly more expensive but it remains in the order of 50 euros. Regarding thepadlockschain, their protection depends on the quality of the internal cable.


Among the various manufacturers specialized in bicycle safety, we point out Abus which in addition to offeringburglar alarmsof excellent quality, with its “ecolution” line, it offers products made with recycled and recyclable resources!

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