Plants that resist cold

Plants that resist cold

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What are the plants that resist the cold?
Up to now we have talked about houseplants, plants that live well in the shade and again, plants that resist drought better. Summer is over and what do we do with the first autumn frosts and the harsh northern winters? Luckily there areplants that resist cold, frost and snow.

Let's start with a flowering plant. The white Christmas Rose does not like the sun, on the contrary, it prefers the cold of winter and is not afraid of snow. Its flowers sprout in the middle of winter, they are large and white, up to 8 cm in diameter with a yellow central heart. It is able to flower even at low temperatures, between snow and frost, in fact the plant blooms from January to March.


Those who have a large garden and want to fill the empty spaces with greenery, can point to the tulip tree. Returning to smaller dimensions, among the plants that resist coldfigure the very elegant "Chinese palm": Trachycarpus fortunei has a crown with showy fans of leaves, grows well in the garden and withstands cold temperatures down to -18 ° C. If in the ground it does not need great care, if it is grown in pot, both on the terrace and on the balcony, it will be necessary to protect it from the cold.

Camellia japonica is a very plantcold resistant, suitable for the penumbra and between March and April it develops very beautiful flowers. If grown in the garden, a little fertilizer must be added to the soil: the plant prefers a slightly acidic, humid and humus-rich soil.

Which tree is morecold resistantof a Colorado Fir? It is an evergreen with a contained height: after 10 years it slightly exceeds the height of one meter! Withstands cold and wind well, it adapts well to a rock or heather garden.


Plants and "protective helmets "
In view of the colder seasons, preprotect plants from the coldit is possible to purchase protective helmets that allow terrace plants to survive the winter without problems. The prices are quite affordable as a pack of three "helmets" costs around 8 euros.

For the complete list of cold-resistant plants and the strategies to protect plants and flowers from frost, please refer to the article:Frost-resistant plants where we tell you about the varieties that resist snow, ice and cold and the means we have to protect roots and plants from frost such as:

  • "Non-woven" protective veil
    Like helmets, it protects the foliage, flowers and fruit of plants from cold and frost.
  • Weed-free mulch fabric
    It is a product created to counter the growth of weeds but being made of polypropylene it recreates a sort of greenhouse effect at ground level by trapping the heat and protecting the roots from drying out caused by the cold.

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