Pruning hydrangeas

Pruning hydrangeas

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L'hydrangea it is a plant that needs to be pruned periodically, if we want to guarantee a flowering for many years. There pruning of hydrangeas it must be done at the end of winter, the period in which the new buds are now clearly visible to allow us to proceed with more safety: the cuts will be made above the duo of new buds, which can be both foliar and floral. In detail below you will find more information on pruning of hydrangeas.

Hydrangea pruning, useful information

  • In pruning, the hydrangea shrub will benefit from a greater penetration of light and air, this will result in the conditions to be able to develop more and more luxuriant.
  • In case of failure to prune, hydrangea, like all woody plants, will tend to lignify and gradually strip in the lower part. Furthermore, if the bush is not pruned, the flowering will be massive but the flowers will be smaller and weaker.
  • Pruning is necessary when the plant has already reached 20 centimeters in height, below this measurement it will be sufficient to remove the dead and / or excessively weak branches.
  • Hydrangea blooms on the branches of the previous year, so to ensure flowering, be careful to avoid these branches.
  • When pruning, pay attention to the choice of branches to remove. To understand if it is dry, just cut them higher and check their condition based on the color: if the inside is greenish or white then it is young and healthy, otherwise it should be pruned.
  • It is not always necessary to eliminate old branches, often even those of two years have new buds that will bloom and their pruning can be postponed for a year.

Hydrangea pruning, instructions

  1. Prune branches over 3 years old: they appear with lateral and sublateral branches
  2. Also proceed with those that appear twisted up to 2-3 centimeters from ground level
  3. Also prune some two-year old branches that only have side branches
  4. Also remove all dried flowers
  5. Remove the branches that intersect to facilitate the penetration of light and air inside the bush.
  6. Make the cuts at the base of the stems, thus completely removing the casting that is no longer necessary.

The scissors to use

Be sure to perform thepruning hydrangeaswith suitable phobics:

  • the scissors must guarantee a clean cut and without crushing
  • the scissors must be disinfected before each pruning
  • the scissors must be strong enough to cut even the woody branches at the base

To prune hydrangeas as well as to prune all the plants in the garden, we recommend the use of scissors with ratchet, especially if this is done by a woman. and ratchet scissors are very versatile. They have no preference for tree species and, in general, are suitable for cutting particularly hard branches without the slightest effort. Ratchet scissors are recommended for prune hydrangeas, wisteria but also fruit plants.

The ratchet system allows you to distribute the cutting effort: depending on the diameter of the branch, it is possible to activate the ratchet system and perform a clean cut with minimal effort.

The price of ratchet scissors? A good item with excellent value for money can be found on Amazon for € 8.05 with free shipping. These are the Brüder ratchet scissors, they have an aluminum body to ensure maximum handling. Guarantees clean cuts without crushing and are suitable for home gardening.

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