Green building, characteristics of dry construction

Green building, characteristics of dry construction

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The systems ofdry constructionthey can be an economic, ecological and anti-seismic solution. THEdry construction systems in wood and mixedthey are not new in the industrial sector but when it comes to residential construction, concrete is still the undisputed leader. Yet thedry constructioncould represent a real turning point for the residential construction sector, some business groups and CNR-Ivalsa, who have launched projects exploiting the dry construction,furthermore, following the seismic events in L'Aquila and Emilia, thedry construction in wood and mixedthey timidly began to spread also for the construction of habitable spaces.

According to an estimate conducted by the Paolo Gardino Consuling Group, commissioned by Promolegno in collaboration with Assolegno, thedry constructionthey are destined to spread with an expected increase of 50 per cent in the Italian residential landscape alone. This growth is expected to occur by 2015.

Theredry constructioncould also provide a prompt response to issues related to energy efficiency and safety. In Emilia, idry systemsthey have been exploited to bring the buildings up to standard during the reconstruction phase after the earthquake. Theredry construction offers thermal and acoustic insulation, earthquake safety and fire prevention.

Why adry construction systemdoes it offer seismic safety?
What makes the difference is the lightness of the materials used. With thedry constructionthe wood and metal reinforcement for the structures offer an excellent response to seismic deforming actions. With regard to the so-called "breaking through" phenomena of the floors, withdry constructiona series of solutions are implemented capable of amplifying the elastic and dissipation capacity by means of sliding joints and containment devices.

Systems adrythey allow to build new buildings but also to carry out restoration or repair interventions with excellent results especially in the perspective of the energy requalification of the housing stock. Betweencomplex dry systemswe mention the coated gypsum sheets, X-lam panels, wooden load-bearing structures, infill panels, dry layered roofs, panels for false ceilings, metal structures and other reinforcement accessories.

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