How to obtain organic certification

How to obtain organic certification

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How do you get theorganic certification?What products are allowed inbiological agriculture? And above all, what are the regulations on the use of plant protection products in biological agriculture? A farmer who wants to start the bureaucratic procedures in order to obtain theorganic certification, what should you do?

How to obtain organic certification, reference standards
The legislation governing the choice and use of plant protection products allowed in thebiological agriculture it is difficult to acquire for Italian farmers: there are both Community and national regulations, there are plant protection products admitted in the European Community but prohibited in Italy and there are many substances not defined as plant protection products therefore not registered in Italy but usable inbiological agriculture. The reference regulations intervened with Legislative Decree no. 150 of 14/08/2012 and the subsequent National Action Plan with the transposition of Directive 2009/128 / EC.

To complete the legislation to follow to achieve theorganic certificationthere is Regulation no. 834/2007 and 889/2008, as well as by Ministerial Decree 18354 of 11/27/2009. The Ce regulations have been published - and therefore are available to aspiring growersbiological- in the Official Journal of the European Community no. 189 of 20/07/2007 and no. 250 of 18/09/2008. The national legislation can be consulted in the Official Gazette no. 31 of the Ordinary Supplement no. 24 of 8/2/2010.

How to obtain organic certification, the products allowed
As for the plant protection products allowed in thebiological agriculture, we refer you to this address. In our guide only some of the products allowed in theorganic cultivation. The farmer, unable to use the classic pesticides, must use alternative and sustainable means to protect the fields, hence the need to find natural products for preventive use for the entire duration of production.

How to obtain organic certification, the necessary practices
Our editorial staff has drawn up a guide for achieving theorganic certification, you can consult it at this address.

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