The idea: energy saving in Ghidini industrial machines

The idea: energy saving in Ghidini industrial machines

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The energy saving in the field of industrial production it has become a vitally important objective within a developed and aware economic system.

The idea”Is the revolutionary machine made by Ghedini Srl, one of the Italian entrepreneurial excellence active in the Po Valley, which since 1948 has been dealing with design and manufacture of metal finishing machines.

The goal achieved by Lidea is to concentrate all the machining units around a single point, thanks to a system that simply brings the units to the workpiece, and not vice versa.

THE benefits of Lidea are remarkable, both in terms of consumption savings that of reduction of the environmental impact, thanks to:

- a 70% reduction in programming and machine preparation times

- an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions

- a saving on oil consumption of 13 tons per year

- an energy saving of 60% equal to about 22,000 Euros per year

The design flexibility also allows you to customize all stages of processing on multiple types of industrial products, of all shapes and sizes. The idea allows to work all products in metal, steel, iron, copper, brass, zana and aluminum.

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