Rio Grassano park and river, photos and information

The Park of Rio Grassano it is the perfect place for nature tourism enthusiasts. The Park takes its name from Rio Grassano, the river that flows in all its coldness and clarity. The Rio Grassano it then arrives in the river Calore. Just see a few photo of the Park of Rio Grassano to understand that it is an unspoiled oasis rich in vegetation.


The therapeutic waters and the lush greenery make the Rio Grassano, the perfect tourist destination for a holiday dedicated to relaxation, well-being and nature. The Rio Grassano Park takes its name from the river that rises and flows inside it. It is an unspoiled oasis, rich in vegetation. Its waters are renowned for their extreme clarity and coldness. Although short, the watercourse is considered a real river with an overall average flow rate of about 6,000 liters of water per second. Waterfowl nest on the banks of the river and it is easy to spot river otters whizzing from the shore into the icy waters with impressive speed.

The Rio Grassano Park offers a large picnic area, barbeque, a playground for the little ones, a sports field, exhibition areas, the possibility of renting canoes or kayaks and there is no shortage of bars and restaurants. Those who do not prefer picnics on the lawn can choose to rent a seat with a wooden plank under nice rustic gazebos, given the large turnout, reservations are recommended on holidays. The Park of Rio Grassano it offers an area of ​​approximately 120 thousand square meters supplemented by numerous services.

Those wishing to enjoy the Rio Grassano park and the nearby Terme di Telese can stay in the bungalows immersed in the nature of the "La Rocca" Park, two kilometers from the Parco del Parco. Rio Grassano.


How to get to the Rio Grassano Park
The park is located in via Bagni, in the municipality of san salvatore telesino, and can be reached, both for those coming from north and south, through the Benevento-Caianello highway, Pugliano-Castelvenere exit, towards San salvatore telesino. The park is 1000 meters from the exit.

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