How to purify your home naturally

How to purify your home naturally

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Pollution is now also inside the home, the quality of the domestic air is increasingly compromised by detergents, room fragrances, paints, etc. Fortunately, nature, our ally, allows us to cleanse house impact and zero cost, just mention for example the important role that houseplants play. Here how to cleanse the house in a natural way.

How to purify your home in a natural way
For cleanse house we can use plants, always paying attention to the type of plant we are going to host in the house. These are plants that release enzymes capable of neutralizing volatile components (VOC) and absorbing gases that pollute the domestic walls such as formaldehyde or benzene that we find in detergents, disinfectants, solvents and other specific products for house cleaning.
Here is a list of effective plants to cleanse the home:

  • Ficus plants, Aglaonema, palm, ivy, pothos, Dracaena fragrans, Phoenix Roebelenii. These plants fight formaldehyde, a substance that is used when making certain building materials and furniture.
  • Ficus plants, palms, azaleas fight ammonia
  • Azalea plants, ivy, phalanx, Dracaena, Philodendron and Sanseviera fight benzene
  • The Pothos, Gerbera and Dieffenbachia plants are effective for humidifying the air

How to purify your home naturally, prevention

  • Open the windows every morning for at least 10 minutes in both winter and summer to encourage constant air exchange
  • Use natural essences without chemical additives to perfume the environment: check the label
  • Periodically check the heating and air conditioning systems: they can be the cause of the pollution
  • Use natural detergents and detergents such as lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda
  • Paint the walls of the house with eco-sustainable products without additives, acrylic resins and petrochemical solvents

How to cleanse the house with the filter lamps
On the market there are filter-lamps, with a built-in silent fan, which suck in the air thanks to a filter capable of retaining polluting particles, dust and smoke. It is a product made with recyclable and low energy consumption materials.

... ... And if you want to spend less, you can use Himalayan salt crystal lamps, effective for cleanse house with an excellent relaxing effect thanks to chromotherapy.

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