Natural remedies for bad odors at home

Natural remedies for bad odors at home

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In recent years there has been a lot of use of deodorants and air purifiers for rooms; they certainly offer a pleasant fragrance that can mask bad smells. However, the chemical compounds contained in them are not only harmful to the environment but can also cause many health problems. Many do not know that there are harmless alternatives, equally effective! In this regard we will illustrate several natural remedies for bad odor at home.

It is good to know that the chemicals emitted by deodorants combine with ozone, thus producing harmful substances such as formaldehyde and other dangerous ultra-fine powders. Among the other harmful elements produced by this combination we can mention: acetaldehyde, carboxylic acids or organic acids, hydrogen peroxide, and hydroxyl radicals.

Natural remedies for bad smells at home, what to do

  • Reduce or better eliminate the use of artificial deodorants, especially on days when more pollution is perceived from outside
  • If you use appliances that purify the air, ionizers for rooms or electrostatic precipitators, avoid those devices that produce ozone
  • Open windows in the house regularly
  • If you identify the source of the bad smell, intervene using natural products: in this case, the use of vinegar diluted with water is very effective
  • Empty the trash every day; if it should be impossible, make sure it is tightly closed in the bag and throw sawdust on it

Natural remedies for bad smells at home, products

  • Burn 100 percent pure beeswax candles: it is an excellent natural remedy to purify the air
  • Use salt lamps to ionize small rooms such as bedrooms
  • Place a box without a lid with baking soda inside to absorb odors in smelly rooms
  • Houseplants can also be effective in purifying the air: they reduce carbon dioxide and other toxins in the air
  • Among the natural air fresheners, there are a wide assortment of essential oils to put in the special diffusers, even the potpourri in bags with a few drops of essential oil is an excellent natural air freshener: they can be placed in cabinets or drawers

As we have seen, there are many natural alternatives to deodorize rooms and capture bad smells, in this regard we can suggest a natural product for sale also online, the Eritrean paper candle made with plant wax from palm and pure essential oils. The wax is enclosed in an aluminum jar with a screw-on lid and lasts for about 40 hours.

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