Domestic photovoltaic system, is it worth it?

Domestic photovoltaic system, is it worth it?

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L'domestic photovoltaic systemit can be very convenient for private individuals who intend to disconnect, at least in part, from the electricity grid.

It is well known that the main convenience of adomestic photovoltaic systemis the possibility ofself-consumptionof energy and to understand in how many years i amortized costs purchase and installation, an estimated calculation of your consumption and the amount of energy that will be produced with thedomestic photovoltaic system.

Is a domestic photovoltaic system worthwhile?

Theprice of photovoltaics, in recent years, it has progressively decreased but at the same time public incentives have also decreased. The installation of adomestic photovoltaic systemit is convenient only by carrying out a careful cost / benefit analysis. Generally speaking, an average Italian family consumes about 4,000 kWh of energy in a year and even if a building has good sun exposure and the inhabitants are willing to invest money for the installation of a 3.5 kWp system;

the mere presence of the system is not enough if it is not accompanied by a change in the methods of use of electricity: adomestic photovoltaic systemit is convenient if accompanied by optimization of consumption and energy storage, otherwise the energy surplus is deposited in the network and this does not always represent a big advantage for the user.

Photovoltaic, on-site exchange
The public network is used as avirtual storage systemable to conserve the energy surplus produced byphotovoltaic system private so as to restore energy in moments of the day when the sun does not shine. This mechanism requires an electrical network capable of receiving and returning energy, in fact in these circumstances the user is equipped with a bidirectional meter capable of recording the electricity taken from the public network and that fed into the same network.

There“Impropriety"Lies in the fact that the energy withdrawn from the network has a higher tariff than that envisaged by theContribution in exchange account,this is why it is necessary to optimize energy use and aim, as far as possible, at total self-consumption. Rather than using the public network as a "virtual storage system", the ideal is to take precautions with particular storage devices so as to increase the amount of self-produced and self-consumed energy; only in this way will it be possible to free yourself from the electricity bill.

Domestic photovoltaic system, permits

To install adomestic photovoltaic systemit is necessary to carry out the relative communication to the activities in free construction, for this purpose it is necessary to go to the one-stop shop of the Municipality of residence; those who live in restricted areas from a landscape, environmental, historical or artistic point of view, in order to install adomestic photovoltaic systemhe will not have to limit himself to the communication but will have to request a preventive clearance from the respective oneCompetent superintendency.

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