Tunnel greenhouse, from DIY to galvanized frames

Theretunnel greenhouseis a structure used to perform "protected crops" in which the temperature is "modified"Resorting to direct heating of the sun's rays by exploiting the greenhouse effect.

Theretunnel greenhouseit is an environment built specifically to protect flowers and plants from the cold by exploiting the well-known greenhouse effect; thanks to the transparent plastic sheets that make up the coating, the rays are absorbed by the plants and by the greenhouse roof which, imprisoning them inside, causes a rise in temperature.

They exist on the markettunnel greenhousesfixed, mobile tunnel greenhouses and sliding tunnel greenhouses, i.e. with easily removable plastic cover; the priceof a tunnel greenhousedepends on the size, model and particularity of the structure.

Those who own a large plot of land could resort to buying onetunnel greenhouseto be assembled consisting of a galvanized steel frame and a plastic coating film. On the market you can also find huge single bells, ready to be fixed to the ground, a tunnel greenhouse for agricultural use, in galvanized steel and including a cover, has a price of about 80 euros for a width of 8 meters and a width of 2 meters and a height of 3.2 m. As for the length, this is customizable. When you buytunnel greenhousespre-built with a frame, attention must be paid to the ability to withstand the wind.

In the home garden it is possible to buytunnel greenhousesmuch more modest and cheaper, they can be found for up to 10 euros with dimensions of 500 x 100 x 100 cm, made with a frame given by a steel wire and a polyester coating. Usually the most complete models have an anchoring system given by fiberglass poles and pegs. For tunnel greenhouses at eye level, prices start at 80 euros.

Those interested in the works ofdo-it-yourself, may find our guides useful:
Building a tunnel greenhouse: illustrated guide to explain how to build a tunnel greenhouse to protect vegetables from cold. The DIY tunnel greenhouse is constructed from rigid spun iron, arches and anchor pegs.
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Better a tunnel greenhouse or non-woven fabric ?
Thenon-woven fabricit is a good solution to protect the garden from the cold without having to install fixed structures, but its use is indicated for a short period (about 2 - 3 weeks). The non-woven fabric is comfortable because it can be placed directly on the plants to be repaired, it is advisable to spread the veils on the flower beds before the frost begins. Unlike the non-woven fabric, thetunnel greenhouseit is a solution that can last throughout the winter season or even beyond if permanent structures are chosen.

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