How to care for the Phalaenopsis Orchid

How to care for the Phalaenopsis Orchid

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Theorchidsare a family of monocotyledonous plants, of this family, a genus much loved in Italy and abroad is that ofPhalaenopsis. The genrephalaenopsis orchidit includes about 50 species, all native to Asia and the archipelagos of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

L'Phalaenopsis orchidit is also known as“Butterfly orchid”For the similarity of the flower to the shape of butterflies; even the namePhalaenopsisit is due to this similarity: the wordPhalaenopsisderives from the union of Greek wordsphalaen(butterfly) eopsis(similar to).

How to cure the Phalaenopsis orchid
The care to be devoted to the genrephalaenopsisthey are not very different from those required by the othersorchids. Usually, thePhalaenopsis orchidsthey are grown in a warm greenhouse or indoors, they grow well in high temperatures and high humidity. Temperatures must never exceed 28 ° C and humidity can also reach values ​​over 65 - 70%. Ingrowing Phalaenopsis orchidsremember that the higher the temperature, the higher the humidity of the air must be.

ThePhalaenopsis orchids, as well as other kinds oforchid, they do not like full sun exposure so they should not be placed near windows.

It is advisable to choose a window facing south-east or south-west and place theorchidin a shaded position having the foresight to cover the window with a curtain capable of shielding the sun's rays and at the same time ensuring the entry of natural light.

In case of spots on the leaves, leaves that are too light, weak, limp or too dark leaves ...
To check that the light is sufficient for the plant, just look at the color of the leaves! If the leaves are characterized by a light green or if they have oval burns, theorchidit is receiving too much light and therefore the shading needs to be increased. Conversely, if the leaves become too dark and appear weak or limp, more light will need to be provided to the plant.

Therecultivation of the Phalaenopsis orchidrequires expert irrigation:

  • the use of demineralized water is recommended
  • to understand when to water the orchid, look at the roots: when they dry they slowly change color from green to gray
  • L'orchidit should be watered in the morning
  • the fertilizer must be administered once a month and without any excess as the roots are sensitive to high concentrations of fertilizer

How to make the orchid bloom
The user can choose whether to have many small flowers or a few larger ones. After flowering, it will be possible to cut the floral stems below the last node that precedes the first flower or to completely eliminate the stem.

If you cut the stem:
the plant will be able to branch off the old stem and produce numerous but smaller flowers.

If you remove the stem:
the plant will create a new stem which requires much more energy to produce new flowers but ensures a more spectacular and lasting flowering.

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