Electric mobility and ICT: a market at the start

Electric mobility and ICT: a market at the start

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The German government predicts that for 2020 i electric vehicles circulating in Germany will exceed one million units. In Italy, in the absence of a similar forecast, the data CEI-CIVES reveal that there are currently around 53,000 electric vehicles in these categories in circulation: 3,100 car electric; 8.700 vans electrical; 950 bus electrical; 5.400 quadricycles electrical; 35.000 motorcycles electrical. (CIVES is the Italian section of AVERE - European Association for battery and Fuel Electric Vehicles - created in 1978 on the initiative of the EEC to study and promote the spread of electric vehicles for road use).

All this beautifies the prospects of both established and novice vehicle manufacturers, but also of those operating on the market PowerLine like the German devolo, to date perhaps the only company able to effectively manage a correct integration between charging stations and home communications. Waiting to see our streets fill with charging columns of electric vehicles (and the law expected in 2014 which will make charging points in the garage premises of new buildings mandatory), it is worth taking a look at what is happening on this front.

Today devolo is already able to produce solutions for the relative communication of charging stations. The last of this, HomePlug Green PHY, was made in full agreement with ISO 15118, the European standard for communication between charging stations and electric vehicles. As a member of the HomePlug Alliance and its board of directors, devolo also played a key role in defining this standard, which today the manufacturers of charging stations and the automotive industry rely on.

As of December 2012 the products dLAN HomePlug Green PHY will be available on a large scale. The compact dimensions of the modules allow for simple and economical integration even within current charging stations thanks to compliance with the standard small footprint. Furthermore, in the design and with regard to quality controls, all the regulations relating to communication in the charging systems were respected. The realization complies with the relevant standards and devolo is able to produce any compliance documentation.

The dLAN HomePlug Green PHY modules guarantee one stable and secure communication between electric vehicles and charging stations during the refueling period. The connection used for charging is also the gateway for an IP-based data transfer and communication process. This connection is necessary for sending information to the charging station during the process of supplying direct current.

Connections to alternating or direct current can therefore benefit from recognition systems that can be developed through the use of this communication infrastructure. At the same time, for car manufacturers it is therefore possible to proceed with the implementation of automatic payment systems for charging station managers. In a future scenario it is also concrete to think of automatic vehicle diagnosis or firmware update systems.

dLAN HomePlug Green PHY is also compatible with all products PowerLine currently available. This means that in a context of smart home it will be possible to communicate directly with the vehicle and, for example, proceed with the transfer of music and multimedia content in general or the updating of navigation systems or synchronization of the contact list in the address books.

To find the charging stations for your electric car closest to where you are, you can use thesearch engine available in the article:Charging Columns for Electric Cars.

The service is also available via app for iPhone / IOS and Samsung / Android smartphones.

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