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Garden shredder: an ally in the garden

Garden shredder: an ally in the garden

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The shredder garden equipment proves to be a good ally because, if we think about it, what weighs on the maintenance of the green is not the pruning or mowing (which are the fun part) but rather the cleaning and disposal-transport of waste that - damn it they - when piled on the ground they are much more voluminous than when they are on the plant.

The numbers don't lie: pruning residues and scraps obviously depend on the size of the garden and the number of plants, but on average in an area of ​​1,000 square meters, 125 cubic meters are produced. A huge amount! With a shredder this volume can be reduced by 75% but above all it becomes easier to dispose of.

The owners of a garden are required by law to dispose of the cut material, which cannot be abandoned in the meadows or in the woods. Two things: either it is transported to an equipped pitch or it is transformed into compost that can be used on site. For this second operation you need either the large space and a great patience necessary to reduce branches and branches into fertilizer, or a shredder that shreds waste.

The finely chopped material with a shredder it can be spread over the soil in a thin layer and become a fertilizing mulch capable of nourishing and protecting the soil in all weather conditions. In case of rain this layer prevents erosion, while in heat and frost it works well as an insulator and as a humidity regulator.

A tip: cut grass, mixed with the branches and branches passed in shredder, is suitable as a mulching material. The important thing is to let it dry before distributing it on the ground because the fresh and damp grass tends to stick together and hinders the breathing of the soil. It is excellent to mix freshly cut grass with the collected and chopped leaves, which prevents the blades of grass from sticking together and provides the right nitrogen-carbon balance to the mulch layer.

With shredded material from the shredder it becomes easier to prepare compost and manage the entire home composting, which also allows you to save on fertilizers. The quality of the compost depends on the right mix, which must include green residues containing mainly nitrogen and brown residues containing carbon. The best compost have a carbon / nitrogen (C / N) ratio between 25: 1 and 30: 1.

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