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How to light up your home

How to light up your home

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For illuminate home we can also resort to light sources not only artificial but also natural ones: in this case we can take advantage of sunlight, installing large windows or skylights. But let's see in detail how to light up your home, using various solutions.

How to light up your home, directions
To increase the natural brightness of your home, skylights are very effective, transparent covers that allow sunlight to enter: they adapt perfectly to any environment and can be installed anywhere.
Among the sources of artificial light, it is good to emphasize the convenience of LEDs which allow significant energy savings for the same lumens supplied: 80% of electricity is saved. LEDs are much cheaper than halogen lamps and currently have affordable costs, there are of every color and the most advanced systems incorporate a controller that allows the user to light up the house and adjust the degree of brightness directly from the smartphone, without pressing any switch. . Among the most common lighting systems in companies and offices, there are neon ones.

How to light up your home, the rooms
When we talk about home lighting we cannot help but mention lanterns, lamps and chandeliers. In the corridor we can create a welcoming environment: the presence of large mirrors will help to accentuate the effects of light, plus, if you love chandeliers with pendants and appliques, the corridor is the ideal environment to install them.

  • The living room is the part of the house where you spend your free time: here the light must be able to be lower in moments of relaxation, when for example you are watching TV but it must guarantee enough lumens if you want to read or write!
  • The dining room does not need strong lighting, quite the opposite! In this room, friends and relatives gather to have lunches and dinners, this room can be illuminated by placing a chandelier in a strategic position as just above the table. In the dining room, the ideal would be to apply additional lights or spotlights to the wall, ready to be activated when serving coffee or when the conversation becomes more "on".
  • In the kitchen, lighting must be very efficient: the light must be guaranteed in strategic points such as the work table and the stove. In this case, adjustable spotlights could be useful.

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