Natural painting, from paints to color baths

Natural painting, from paints to color baths

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There natural painting allows you to paint fabrics, walls, canvases and surfaces without polluting the environment. There nature painting it has a low environmental impact, made without the use of toxic substances that are harmful not only to the environment but also to human health.

A natural paint it can be produced with DIY, both when it comes to dyeing fabrics, and when we talk about paints to paint the walls of the house. Who does not like DIY can find natural paints at specialized retailers: there are several brands they offer natural painting which respects the environment at all stages of its life cycle, from laying to redaci with natural raw materials and a low environmental impact production chain.

There natural painting, as stated, it can be done with the DIY. We are talking about paints to paint fabrics or paints to paint walls and canvases. To paint the house, it is possible to DIY natural lime-based and colored paints thanks to the addition of different pigments. For this purpose, we refer you to the article How to prepare Natural paints. In addition to natural painting based on lime it is possible to self-produce paints based on clay; in any case, it is always recommended to carry out a test with small quantities of paint.

To dye fabrics it is possible to try your hand at preparing dye baths starting from vegetable colors obtained from buds, flowers and plants. For example, with 400 grams of fresh broom shoots it is possible to prepare a dye bath for a large tent. For this purpose, we refer you to the article "Natural dyes, coloring with nature".

On the market there are different types of natural painting. The advantages of natural paints, in addition to the aforementioned environmental sustainability, they can be found in several factors:

  • the natural paints they are odorless
  • the natural paints they do not contain harmful and toxic volatile substances
  • the natural paints they favor the transpiration of the treated material
  • in some cases, the natural paints, absorb fine dust

When we want to buy one natural paint, we must ensure the Ecolabel ecological quality mark, imposed by the European Union. When buying, read the label carefully so as to be sure you are investing in the quality of a good one natural paint.

Among the most important brands of natural paints we mention the British Ecos, the Italian Solas and Durga which uses vegetable and renewable raw materials.

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