Cleaning the aquarium

Cleaning the aquarium

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Cleaning the aquarium: how to carry out proper maintenance e cleaning the aquarium. From the bottom to the filter, without excluding glasses and any aquarium accessories.

Therecleaningperiodic is one of the most important aspects for maintaining adequate water quality and an environment suitable for the life of plants and fish. If a freshwater aquarium has been properly started it needs little maintenance.

The aquarium starts slowly and although it manages to give great satisfaction throughout its life cycle, the most exciting phase remains the beginning with the introduction of the fish in the aquarium, the endless waiting periods and the continuous analysis of the water. All the enthusiasm is renewed by observing the habitat you have managed to create and even more, when the time comes to set up the delivery room and welcome new fry. To fully enjoy an aquarium, periodicals are essential cleaning.

Cleaning the aquarium, routine maintenance

If you have only recently set up an aquarium, you probably don't know that because of its periodiccleaningit will not be necessary to transfer the fish to another tank! Put thenetand don't even think about removing the plants from the substrate: thecleaning the aquarium, if done with a certain periodicity, it is much less invasive than you might imagine.

What do you need to clean the aquarium?

  • Pump siphon
  • Large bucket or container
  • Algae scraper
  • Sponges
  • Any pliers
  • Aquarium water

Cleaning the aquarium: partial water change

A renewal of the aquarium water should be performed on a monthly or biweekly basis. Much also depends on the amount of fish, plants and filtering system you have. That said, there are no general rules on how often to replace part of the aquarium water!

Prepare enough water to replace between 10 and 20% of the total volume of water in your aquarium. If you have amarine aquarium, you have to prepare spare water with the right salt ratio. Regardless of the type of marine life you have (fresh or salt water), we recommend that you introduce the new water at the same temperature as the water already present in the aquarium.

How to prepare the new water for the aquarium? The water should be free of chlorine and any additives. If you do not want to take it from your trusted dealer, you can take it from the tap taking care to put it in an open basin, outside on the balcony, for 48 hours. Alternatively, you can add a solution to remove chlorine to the tap water.

When replacing the aquarium water, do not forget to disconnect the power cables of the filter, lights, heater and other electrical components.

The use of the siphon for cleaning the bottom

Cleaning the bottom of the aquarium is not difficult if you have the right tools available.

A siphon pump can be bought on Amazon for just over 3 euros and is easily used. Some siphons have a manual pump others require a first suction with themouth. The siphon will help you vacuum up any material and debris that will rise from the bottom during cleaning.

Removal of algae and cleaning of the aquarium glass

There are special cleaning kits on the market. The aquarium glasses are easy to clean. If the aquarium is very neglected, you will also need a scraper to remove the algae that thrive on the internal walls of your aquarium. On Amazon, a cleaning kit consisting of 5 accessories to clean the aquarium can be purchased for € 13.80 and will be able to assist you in every phase of maintenance and cleaning of the aquarium.

Cleaning the aquarium: complete water change

In a freshwater aquarium with plants and fish, but without a filter, the total water change should be performed weekly.

Aquariums equipped with a good filtering system require complete water changes over a very long period and only under certain conditions. The most scrupulous could equip themselves with water analysis kits to make targeted adjustments and additions. For all information on the change of the aquarium water and the replacement or cleaning of the backdrop, we refer you to the articleHow to change the water in the aquarium.


To let the water "rest" out on the balcony or simply to wash the filter, make sure you use a "virgin" or at least clean container: do not use the same bucket used for cleaning floors, which will certainly have soap residues!