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Pellet fireplace, all information

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Pellet fireplace: advantages, prices, information before purchase and installation advice.

Thepelletsit is used as a fuel for stoves and fireplaces last generation. This biomass of natural origin replaces the classic firewood. The spread of stoves and fireplaces apellets compared to classic fireplaces and wood-burning stoves, it sees a number of ecological, economic, energy and heating system management advantages.

The advantages of a pellet stove and fireplace

In this paragraph we will talk about environmental, economic, yield and home comfort benefits.

Many of the benefits of pellet stoves and fireplacesare related to the type of fuel. From an environmental point of view, it is good to specify that the production ofpelletsit is not related to the felling of trees. Pellets can be produced from a large number of waste materials from joinery. Furthermore, the lignin naturally contained in the wood acts as a natural glue, so most of the times it is not necessary to add pressing additives. The environmental advantages listed above are reflected in the costs, opening up a range of economic advantages: the production ofpelletsdoes not see high figures, so even the final product does not weigh too much on the consumer's pockets.

Thanks to pressing, the calorific value obtained with a pellet fireplace, with the same volume (but not weight) of the biomass used, it is about double that of wood. This means that by burning a cubic meter of wood with a traditional wood-burning stove and by igniting the same amount of pellets in a suitable fireplace, the pellet fireplace will produce much more heat, increasing domestic comfort and the yield of biomass used.

The caloric yield is also minimally affected by the percentage of hardwoods of origin.

The pellet fireplace for heating

Thepellet fireplaceit is a device similar to the wood-burning fireplace stove. It serves the heating of every domestic environment and sees the use ofpellets.

Like all appliances, even thepellet fireplacerequires a connection to the electrical network. It works automatically and uses one to switch onelectrical resistance.

The heating autonomy varies according to the storage capacity of the pellet tank.

Can a pellet fireplace provide heating for the whole apartment?

In theory, yes, but it is advisable to develop the correct sizing and carefully evaluate the factors related to fuel consumption. Apellet fireplace, as well as onepellet stove, can heat an entire house with a simple trick, the channeling.

Apellet fireboxducted has vents for the outlet of hot air designed to transport the heat produced by the combustion chamber of the fireplace to various domestic environments. This system is useful for heating all the rooms without installing a boiler or using electric heaters.

Like the pellet stove, the analoguefireplaceit works with forced draft. Electricity is required both for starting (switching on the pellets) and for activating the fan. The forced draft consists of a fan located inside thefireplace, this fan extracts the fumes and combustion residues towards the flue. The role of electricity is minimal: during the ignition phase, electricity serves to activate an electrical resistance which, becoming incandescent, triggers the flame.

For installation, a small flue must be fixed, with a diameter ranging from 80 mm to 100 mm (8 - 10 cm). For the installation of the pellet fireplace, it is necessary that the piping must be made of material resistant to high temperatures, acids and combustion products. In Italy, the UNI AISI 316 standard which prescribes the use of steel governs the installation of the flue.

Generally, the pellet fireplace tank is loaded from above and automatically transfers the pellets to the burner. The pellet tank can reach a maximum capacity exceeding sixty kilograms.

Just like the pellet stove, the pellet fireplace also requires routine cleaning of the brazier and the ash drawer (if present).

They also existpellet fireplacesintended for water heating for radiators. In this case, the device is equipped with a heat exchanger in which there is water which, once heated, will circulate in the radiator system.

Exist pellet fires recessed, corner or to be fixed to the wall. The price of pellet fireplaces it varies a lot according to the different characteristics. The cost to be considered, including installation, starts at 900 euros for the basic models.

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