Mastiff of the Pyrenees

Mastiff of the Pyrenees

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Mastiff of the Pyrenees, a dog from the Spanish side of the mountain range that divides two well-known countries, an all-Spanish dog. The Pyrenean mastiff belongs to the category of type dogs Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molosser and Swiss Cattle Dogs and it is clearly a mountain dog, today it has the reputation of a very valid guardian of the house just as it was in the past with regard to the flocks. In particular he has dealt with their transhumance for years, there are generations and generations of sheep that have been walked by the Pyrenean mastiff on the Spanish side of this mountain range.

Mastiff of the Pyrenees: origins

The history of the origins of Pyrenean mastiff and is intertwined with events such as the Peace of the Pyrenees, signed in 1659. The breed is probably intertwined with the "cousin" of Castile, the Spanish mastiff, but from valley to valley, a little solitary, these dogs have evolved taking routes just like you do in the mountains to survive better. The Pyrenean mastiff has more affinity with the famous “patou”, the Pyrenean mountain dog.

When the wolves disappeared from the valley at the end of the 1940s, we just missed the Pyrenean mastiff disappeared completely: it was thanks to fans like Rafael Malo Alcrudo that the breed was recovered and was born in 1977 on Club of the Pyrenean Mastiff of Spain. However, the breed standard had already been approved before, officially in 1946.

Pyrenean Mastiff: appearance

Massive and powerful, the Pyrenean mastiff it is a dog that imposes itself with its figure. And also with its size given that at the withers it measures almost one meter, if female 80-90 cm, while the weight varies from 90 to 100 for males and from 80 to 90 for females.

All the conformation of the Pyrenean mastiff it is sturdy but always well proportioned: male or female this dog has an imposing head, a strong neck and thick hair of medium-long length. The color approved for the Pyrenean mastiff it is the white associated with with patches of uniforms preferably gray, yellow-gold, black, sand, on the body. There is also very often a darker mask on the face.

Mastiff of the Pyrenees: character

Aggressive is not, that's for sure. The Pyrenean mastiff he does not have this instinct and also the fact of barking is not very familiar to him, he does it only when it is absolutely essential. Even towards other dogs he is tame, with man then, he is very affectionate, he often seeks their presence, desires contact, coexistence.

He knows he's big and fat, so the Pyrenean mastiff he does not consider it necessary to be loud or have a threatening attitude, he just needs to be present to assert himself. Yet with children he endures anything, often acts as a living toy, and does not react. This is not to say that it has no character because it is a very good watchdog, the Pyrenean mastiff, thanks to its power and above all to the natural protective instinct that he feels inside.

The passion and patience for children and the propensity to excel among guard dogs, recall a lot to another breed, to the Neapolitan Mastiff. Mastiffs mean each other, regardless of their origin.

Pyrenean Mastiff: price

A puppy of Pyrenean mastiff has a price that varies from 800 to one thousand euros. Not so much if you consider the mass and therefore the effort of preparing a puppy of such presence. Always its size brings with it the need to be followed during development, especially to avoid bone, joint and structural problems: attention when we take a specimen, we check that it has been correctly prepared and that it does not suffer from dysplasia, for example.

Overall the Pyrenean mastiff can be considered a rustic and robust dog, tolerates the cold well and the heat fairly well, just keep it in a sheltered and dry place, even a nice one dog kennel for outdoor, and brush it every now and then.

Mastiff of the Pyrenees: breeding

It is not a very widespread breed but, above all, that of the Pyrenean mastiff. On display we see little for now and it is a pity since it has an imposing and beautiful appearance, which makes you dream. It is likely to become more popular in the next few years, but when a more homogeneous average production is achieved. There are various farms, obviously in its part, but also in Italy there are specimens of excellent Pyrenean Mastiff.

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