How to make an identity card

How to make an identity card: instructions for issuing the identity card, info on the electronic identity card, on the validity for expatriation and the issue of the document for minors.

Forrequest an identity cardit is necessary to present yourself personally at the municipal registry office with the documentation listed below:

  • request form filled in with your personal data.
    The identity card request form is made available at the same counters or can be downloaded from the website of the municipality of residence.
  • Three passport-size photos
    The photos must be the same, bareheaded and recent.
  • An identification document
    In the absence of a document, the presence of two witnesses with valid identity documents will be required.

Electronic identity card

Some municipalities in Italy have begun testing theelectronic identity card. This new document consists of acardplasticized similar to a credit card. Like the old paper identity card, the electronic one shows the photo of the holder flanked, in this case, by a small chip containing a large amount of information about the citizen. Thereelectronic identity cardit has the same value as the paper version and constitutes the key to access the telematic services made available by the public administrations.

The list of municipalities that issue the electronic identity card it has only 153 municipalities. A short list if we consider that in Italy there are 8,046 municipalities. To report some municipalities that issue electronic identity cards, we mention Pisa, Trapani, Turin, Sperlonga, Sedico, Segrate, Venice, Verona, Vigonza, Viterbo, Siena, Padua, Parma, Naples, Milan and Pisa.

Identity card valid for expatriation

To do thevalid identity card for expatriation, in addition to the documents listed above, it will be necessary to complete and sign an explicit declaration stating that you do not have any conditions that prevent the issuance of the passport. This is a very simple self-certification to be requested at the same registry office.

There valid identity card for expatriation can replace, within the European Union, the passport and is valid for expatriation for work purposes and therefore visa-free.

The seen is onesticker or adhesive stickerapplied to the passport or other valid travel document of the applicant, it cannot be applied to the identity card even if this is valid for expatriation. For all information, please refer to the page "How to make a visa.

Identity card not valid for expatriation

All identity cards that do not bear the wording on the back are valid for expatriationNot valid for expatriation.

Thoughin theorythe renewed identity card with only the stamp would be valid for expatriation, unfortunately, at foreign borders, questions are almost always raised about the regularity of these cards. We therefore recommend that you have a passport or request a new identity card to avoid unpleasant refusals.

Italian identity card

ThereItalian identity cardit can be issued by one's own municipality of residence at a cost of about 5 euros in case of first request. The cost of the identity card rises to 10 euros in the event of a second request for loss.

Also annon-resident can apply for an identity card but in this case the cost may be higher: generally the cost is 10 euros if the citizen goes to a municipality in which he does not have a residence. The price rises to 20 euros for those who go to the registry offices in the main Italian airports.

ThereItalian identity cardit is a document that certifiesidentityof the person. It is issued to all Italian citizens, including minors.

Expired identity card

The expired identity card can easily beupdatedby going to the registry office of your municipality of residence. The cost for therenewalof the expired identity card is about 5.42 euros.

Therenewalit can also be requested before the identity card expires (up to 180 days prior to expiration). Forrenew the expired identity cardall you have to do is contact the registry office by presenting the expired or expiring document.

Lost identity card

In the event of theft or loss, the cost of the identity card rises to about 10 euros. Also in this case it will be necessary to bring the documentation listed at the top of the page in addition to the report of loss (or theft) issued by the public security authority (Carabinieri, State Police ...).

Identity card for minors

Thereleaseof theidentity cardit has no age limits so even children, babies and minors can get it.

The identity card for children under 3 is valid for three years. There identity card for minorsaged between 3 and 18, it is valid for five years.

How to make an identity card for minors?You must go to the registry offices of your municipality of residence, bringing with you three passport-sized photographs of the minor.

If the minor in question does not have parental authorization, to obtain the identity card he will need the authorization of the Tutelary Judge. Minors under guardianship must necessarily be accompanied by the guardian who will have to show the documents regarding foster care / guardianship to the office.

Alsominorsthey can get thevalid identity card for expatriationbut in this case the minor must be accompanied by both parents. If one of the two parents is unable, the minor may be accompanied by only one parent who will have to submit to the Registry Offices the agreement signed by the absent parent with a photocopy of the absent parent's identity document attached.

How much does it cost to make an identity card for minors? Also in this case the cost is 5 euros for the first release and 10 euros in case of loss.

In case of identity card for minors, today the authorities have decided to indicate the names of the parents. If the names of the parents are not indicated, at the time of departure the parents must have with them the family status or documentation showing the degree of kinship.

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