Thermal account 2016, all the news

Thermal account 2016, all the news

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Thermal account 2016: requirements, news, who is entitled to, how to access and how to calculate the amount of the new thermal account.

Thenew thermal account 2016comes by introducing several innovations: on the one hand, interventionsfacilitatedand on the other, the practices for accessing incentives.

The first novelty of all is that access to incentives will be triggered almost automatically for those who intend to build a plant solar thermal on an area of ​​50 square meters and with a thermal power up to 35 kW.

Interventions that are entitled to the 2016 thermal account

The incentives paid with thethermal account 2016will cover up to 40% or 65% of the cost of:

  • thermal insulation of the opaque surfaces delimiting an air-conditioned room
  • replacement of transparent closures, including frames
  • replacement of winter air conditioning systems with:
    - geothermal heat generators
    - biomass heat generators (therefore purchase of pellet stoves, wood stoves or thermo-fireplaces)
    -condensing heat generators
    -electric or gas heat pumps
    - geothermal plants
  • installation of solar thermal collectors for the production ofdomestic hot water
  • replacement of the old electric water heater with heat pump water heater
  • installation of screening and shading systems (curtains, blinds, venetian blinds, shutters, mosquito nets, roller blinds…). For more information:sun screens, guide to deductions.
  • Replacement of lighting systems with energy efficient systems.
  • Installation of home automation systems to improve home efficiency.

For all information, please refer to the section dedicated toeligible interventionsof theThermal Account.

L'incentivereaches up to 65% for jobs that manage to transform an efficient building into an NZEB solution, ie aalmost zero energy.

In interventions that are entitled tothermal account 2016technical skills and so-called “service charges” are also included. In other words, they are entitled to thereimbursement of the 2016 thermal accountalso the expenses incurred for the advice of a technician, for the preparation of the energy audit and the energy performance certificate (new APE). The “service charges” are 100% reimbursable for public administrations and 50% for businesses and individuals.

Thermal Account 2016: expiry

As in the past, there is no deadline for accessing the Thermal Account. The fund made available with the 2016 thermal account amounts to 900 million euros, of which 700 million are intended for public administrations and 200 million are intended for the private sector, businesses and citizens. The incentives will be paid in the form of an economic reimbursement that will be credited to the applicant's current account. The time frame may vary depending on the type of intervention, the purchase of a pallet stove will be "refunded" within two years, with two credits that partially cover the cost incurred for the purchase. More substantial expenses see repayments spread over a maximum of 5 years.

Thermal account 2016 and purchase of a pallet stove

As stated, thethermal account 2016will go torepaypart of the costs incurred for the purchase of efficient heating systems, provided that the system will replace an obsolete and energy-intensive system. The heating systems that can access the incentive also include pallet stoves, as well as biofireplaces, wood stoves and, in general, all biomass systems. Speaking of stoves and heating systems, allrequirementsrequired for access tothermal accountare listed in the article:How to access the thermal account. To find out what thereimbursementbestowed with thethermal account 2016 we refer you to the article:Calculation of the thermal account incentive for the purchase of stoves.

The documents that certify the technical requirements ofstoves, fireplaces and boilers, will be issued directly by the manufacturer of the system at the time of purchase.

To access the thermal account, it will also be necessary:
- demonstrate the replacement of the old appliance
-perform the annual maintenance of the product and the drains by qualified personnel and keep the invoices.

The law provides that all documentation (certifications, applications, invoices ...) are kept for a period of 7 years.

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