Recycle the pasta water

Recycle the pasta water

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How to recycle pasta water: all the tips forreuse the water from cooking pastaor vegetables.

Don't wait for itworld water dayto promote water saving. The next time you prepare a plate of pasta, don't throw it down the draincooking water! Rather, drain the pasta and pour the water into a pot, once thepasta waterhas cooled down, you can use it to water the garden or do many other things. On this page we will see just how recycle the water from cooking pasta and vegetables.

Place a bowl under the colander, recover the cooking water and ...

Irrigate the plants (only if the cooking water has not been salted)

If thepasta cooking water it was not salty, can be used to irrigate houseplants or garden plants. The only precaution is to let it cool well. You can transfer it directly to the watering can to fertigate your favorite plants: thewater from cooking pasta or vegetablesit is rich in starch and mineral salts, a panacea for soil fertility.

Hair pack

To soften dry and brittle hair, it is possible to make an emollient pack using the water from cooking the pasta. Before shampooing, wet your hair with the water from cooking the pasta and wrap a towel around your head. Leave the water on for 15 minutes, the starches will soften the hair and make it brighter! At the end of the treatment you can continue with the usual shampoo.


The cooking water of the pasta can be used as a condiment formoisten other dishes, especially when cooking meats. It can also be used to make some homemade preparations like mashed potatoes, carrots or pesto more fluid.

You can drink it

If your city lacks water for several days, rather than using bottled water, you can drink the water from cooking the pasta after filtering it. There are water filters on the market that can desanilize and purify any water resource. Thanks to water filters such as the LifeStraw Personal it is possible to exploit the most unlikely water resources! Of course, this filter was not created to eliminate salinity but it is good to keep this in mind, especially if you intend to organize a trip in close contact with nature.

Broth, minestrone, soups and risottos

The cooking water can be used to prepare the broth for cookingrisotto or to give a more consistent base to minestrone and soups. It is a good starting point for the preparation of soups, velvety or meat and vegetable broths.

For washing dishes

It is among the most popular grandmother's remedies: using the water from cooking pasta to wash dishes, cutlery, pots and pans. The water, still hot, helps wash away the encrustations from the pots.

Pressure and steam cooking

Therewater from cooking pasta it can be reused to cook food under pressure or steam. For steam cooking, if it has been salted, it has the drawback of taking longer to reach the point ofboiling.


The cooking water of the pasta can berecycledfor the preparation of baked goods. You can use the water from the pasta to make bread, pizzas, focaccia and savory pies.


The pasta cooking water can be used for an emollient and regenerating foot bath. Who goes to the gym or pool and is exposed to high riskmycotic, can add to thepasta cooking water, a few drops of star anise essential oil. After a long walk, you can take a relaxing foot bath with pasta cooking water and eucalyptus essential oil. A foot bath with rice or pasta cooking water alone exerts an emollient and anti-sweat action.

Soaking of legumes

Dried legumes can be soaked incooking water for pasta or rice. To get a flavored bath just add a few bay leaves.

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