Garden in bloom all year round

Garden in bloom all year round

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Garden in bloom all year round: the plants to keep in the garden to have fresh flowers all year round. The flowering plants indicated in this article can also be useful for those who want abalcony in bloom all year round.

Who does not dream of agarden in bloom all year round? Well, this desire can come true by following our advice. From January to December, a flower garden knows no break during the year. Just take a walk surrounded by contaminated nature to discover that at any time of the year there are plants ready to bloom.

Flower garden, preliminary tips

To have aflowered gardenin every month of the year it is essential to learn how to manage bulbous plants. Bulbous plants allow the creation of flower beds, borders, terraces in bloom and are perfectly suited for cultivation in pots, in flower boxes or in small dense flower boxes. To learn how to better manage the flowering of bulbs, we recommend reading our guide dedicated toBulbous flower beds.

Garden in bloom all year round: winter

Let's start from winter. There are many plants that bloom in winter. TheLeucojum vernum better known asbell, thrives in dense clumps with ribbon-like leaves and bell-shaped white flowers. For all flowering plants to be grown in the colder months of the year, please refer to the article "Plants that bloom in winter ".

Garden in bloom all year round: spring

Spring is the season offlowers. Immediately after the thaw in March, when the ground still smells of frost and snow, the first flowers arrive. Among these we mention theAnemone narcissiflora which integrates perfectly with the grassy flower beds, in partial shade areas and in different corners of the garden. This flower has seven pure white petals. Later, towards May, the so-called St. Bernard lily, botanically called Anthericum liliago, also in this case the flowers are white but here they bloom in elegant tufts. To the flowers mentioned are added the numerousspring-flowering bulbous plantsand the beautiful scylla and gentians.

Garden in bloom all year round: summer

There are several plants that continue to bloom continuously from spring to summer. In fact, in order to have flowers over two continuous seasons, it is possible to purchase several species or early varieties and late varieties. The early ones tend to anticipate flowering and the late ones tend to bloom on horseback with the arrival of autumn.

An example of gradual flowering is given by the Gentians. Gentiana verna begins to bloom in April, Gentiana Kochiana flowers in May while Gentiana nivalis blooms in July. For other suggestions, we recommend reading the articlePlants that bloom in the summer.

Garden in bloom all year round: autumn

Autumn is also the right season to have aflowered garden. There are many autumn flowers, especially the bulbs. Among the various flowering plants for autumn we point out the wild cyclamen that blooms in late summer and its flowering continues until late winter.

Given the abundance of plants that bloom in autumn, we refer you to two pages for a complete overview:

  • Plants that bloom in the fall
  • Flowers in autumn

In late autumn and in view of the first winter frosts, we recommend that you read the articleFrost-resistant plants.

Flowering trees

Beyond the small flowering plants, to have aflower garden all year roundit is possible to focus on more or less large trees. Some examples are the calicanthus that thrives in summer and blooms in winter, the strawberry tree that blooms embellishes the garden all year round or with flowers or fruit and pomegranate. Among the plants to color the garden in winter, we recommend the cultivation of unusual onesornamental cabbages.

To grow other ornamental garden plants such as rowan, geranium, Japanese maple or the cotton plant, I refer you to the page "Flowering garden plants". The chances of having agarden in bloom all year roundthere are countless, it is up to you to exploit them and organize yourself in the best possible way with the management of the flower beds, allocating a space for the continuous planting of annual plants and a space for perennials.

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