Wisteria cutting

Wisteria cutting

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Wisteria cutting: the instructions for multiplying thewisteria for cuttings, from the best period to the advice for engraftment. For the propagation of thewisteriait will be necessary to exploit the technique ofwoody cutting. The woody cutting is the one used for the propagation of flowers such as rose and hydrangea.

Even if you multiply thewisteria for cuttingsit is not difficult, the best technique for the multiplication of this plant is by offshoot (for further information you can consult the pagemultiplication by offshoot). Even if the multiplication of thewisteriaforoffshootis the most suitable, this technique cannot always be applied: to multiply the wisteria by offshoot it is necessary to have a wisteria plant in your garden, while with thecuttingit is possible to take twigs from the mother plant with the desired characteristics, even if this does not yet thrive in our garden.

Therecutting it is a very convenient technique: it will allow you to forge ahead and obtain a strong and lush wisteria in a short time. Who decides to grow wisteriastarting from the seed he will have to face a long path. First, the seed will have to be soaked in a chamomile infusion to soften the outer integument. Secondly, after sowing and the long wait for planting, it will be necessary to wait several years for the first flowering.

With the cuttingit will be possible to reproduce a strong and robust wisteria. The first precaution to take is to choose a prosperous and very floriferous mother plant. Remember that thecultivated wisteriaby cuttings it will have the same characteristics as the mother plant, so choose carefully.

When to make the wisteria cutting

The best time to multiply wisteria by cutting falls in spring, late summer and early autumn. In particular in the late spring months such as May and June, during the months of September and October, in some places it is possible to proceed even in August.

Wisteria cutting, how to proceed

Multiply thewisteria for cuttingsit's easy: take a more woody branch and plant it in a peaty soil. It will need to be placed in a shady location and the soil will need to be kept constantly moist. Warning! The soil must be moist but there must be no water stagnation.

How to make the wisteria cutting? The procedure is the one just indicated in the introduction. Those who want more detailed instructions can follow our advice:

  1. Take onecuttingof 10 cm. Choose the cutting from the branches of the year. In this case, thecuttingit can be picked up by hand, by detaching the branch downwards so as to also take a little bit of the heel (that some of the bark of the main branch remains attached).
  2. With a well-sharpened and sterilized knife, shorten the part of the heel that exceeds 2.5 cm.
  3. Implanting eachwisteria cuttingin a 15 cm diameter jar. The pot should be rich in a mixture of soil and peat.
  4. Place thewisteria cuttingin a very humid environment, at a temperature of at least 15 degrees. Therecuttingit should be kept in a shady but very bright area. Keep the soil moist but not soaked with water.
  5. To understand if the cutting has rooted, look at the aerial part of the plant, it will be necessary to notice signs of vegetation. Only at this point will it be possible to plant thewisteriain the open ground.
  6. In planting thewisteria cuttingplant all the bread of earth that surrounds the roots. Remember that the roots have just formed and are therefore more fragile and could be affected by the transplant.

For planting, choose a semi-shady area. For thecultivation of wisteriaonly 5 hours of sunshine are needed per day.

To promote rooting, it is possible to use powders that stimulate rooting. Purchase a cutting powder also known asrooting hormone. Among the various rooting products we point out the rooting powder "Verde vivo", proposed on Amazon with free shipping at the price of € 12.60. There are many rooting agents available on the web and on Amazon, you are spoiled for choice.

Propagation by cuttings, our guides

To make the most of the technique of multiplication by cuttings, we refer you to reading our guide articles to propagate the following plants.

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