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Amstaff dog

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Amstaff dog, for completeness theAmerican Staffordshire Terrier, is a breed of American origin, clearly falls into the category of Terrier but it stands out for the perfect combination of strong character and balance. L'Amstaff since he was a puppy he is also able to be sociable, therefore the many rumors about his alleged innate and incurable aggression must be denied. Indeed, he is a very outgoing and tame animal not only with members of his family but also with strangers.

Amstaff blue dog and terrier

Crossing the borders between the United States and Canada, this breed begins to take on the appearance of today as early as 1885. Among its ancestors there are two extinct dogs: the progenitor of all "Bull type terrier“, Said Bull and Terrier, and then the Blue Paul Terrier. This last ancestor of Amstaff dog it takes its name from the pirate who at the time, over a century ago, had brought some specimens to his homeland.

This breed seemed destined to fight all its life, in the first decades first with bulls, then with other dogs. The Amstaff dog shares this sad story with theAmerican Pit Bull Terrier, but while the Pit bull continued on a more similar path, the Amstaff dog he met people who decided to cultivate his morphological-aesthetic side.

From that moment, and we are in the 1930s, the selection of this breed was centered on the search for canons of elegance and flashiness. A hard research that has changed the destiny ofAmstaff: from the area of ​​the bloody fights he moved on to be embellished and acted by pet dog given the docile character.
The official recognition of the breed and the standard are in 1936.

Amstaff dog: appearance

The medium size does not prevent theAmstaff to appear in all its power. The height at the withers goes from 45 to 48 cm for the male, from 43 to 45 for the female, but it remains a very strong, harmonious and muscular looking dog.

The body of this breed has agile, elegant and harmonious movements despite the imposing musculature and the very broad skull: the Amstaff dog it is the right balance and it is not at all disharmonious, on the contrary! The muzzle has a black nose, it is not elongated and the eyes are dark and round, very alert and intelligent. The coat is short and devoid of undercoat, thick shimmer to the touch. The colors are all allowed and can be combined, in patches or brindle, but some colors are not very desired: pure white, black and tan and liver.

Amstaff: breeding

Today the Amstaff dog is bred in many countries of the world, there are three main bloodlines that are the basis of modern breeding ofAmstaff. They are the X-Pert, the Tacoma, the Ruffians and the Crusanders. Beyond the bloodlines, the farms they well know that this breed has a strong, almost irrepressible, need for physical exercise. If temperamentally it does not give problems, "muscularly" yes, to the muscles of the owners who will often have to lead him to physical activity.

Amstaff dog: character

L'American Staffordshire Terrier, let's call him in full to pay him a well-deserved compliment, he stands out for his courage and audacity. It will be the past as a fighter that still flows in his veins, it will be an innate propensity to contrast and fight, but this is a dog that can be defined as fearless warrior. There is no doubt that among his peers, his is the dominant nature. Despite this his fighting side, is an animal that is able to become attached to a particular person who then also remains his point of reference. It not only pays him respect but obeys without “entering into discussion”, on the contrary, he knows how to interact without creating problems of discipline.

It is not only a dog elegant in bearing. Behind his “royal” way of moving hides a very careful look at everything that surrounds him. Indeed, it has a strong and serious expression, it can be either a good guard dog, or defense dog, both staying quiet and safe in the apartment as a pet dog.

Amstaff Terrier

The Amstaff dog, which stands for American Staffordshire Terrier, is one of the "bull-type Terriers" that exist, then there are the Bull terriers, the miniature Bull terriers, the Staffordshire Bull terrier and American Pit bull terriers.

Almost all of these breeds are from fighters or so they were born, apart from the minature who soon became a companion dog. A mini parlor warrior. Also called "Staffy", instead, it Staffordshire bull terrier, he is a small but eclectic dog, very athletic and that in Italy is gaining height and in a few years it will probably be much easier to find dedicated kennels.

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