Improving the energy efficiency of an apartment

Improving the energy efficiency of an apartment

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Here are all the ways to improve the energy efficiency of an apartment. From renovations to simple DIY.

Forimprove the energy efficiency of an apartmentyou can count on different forms of concessions as theThermal accountwhich encourages any intervention to improve the thermal performance of a building (solar thermal installation, purchase of pellet stoves ...) or the deductions for restructuring which see a tax relief of up to 65% for those who intervene by improving theenergy efficiency of one's own flat(replacement of fixtures, thermal insulation, photovoltaic system ...). Among the major interventions aimed at improving the energy efficiency of an apartment we mention:

  • Insulation and thermal coat (for info:how to insulate the house)
  • Installation of a photovoltaic roof with a storage system (for info: install a photovoltaic roof).
  • Installation of a solar thermal system for the production of domestic hot water and / or to heat the house.
  • Solar fireplace to heat and ensure natural ventilation of the apartment (for info: Solar fireplace)
  • Embrace the principles of bioclimatic architecture (green roof, recovery and recycling of rainwater, butterfly roof, exposure, shade trees ...).

Stoves and air conditioners
Forimprove the energy efficiency of an apartmentremember not to overlook thesizingof the heating and cooling system. Stoves and air conditioners can be chosen based on the footage to be heated and the degree of thermal insulation of the building. To save on winter heating, several tips are available in our article dedicated toSavings on heating.

How to improve the energy efficiency of an apartment

For now we have talked about building interventions but it is good to keep in mind that even small gestures can make a difference in your bill. Of course, if you have a very dated and drafty house, a renovation is strongly recommended but if this is not possible we can do our best toimprove energy efficiencywith DIY works.

  1. Insulate doors and windows
    Drafts are the first source of heat loss. In summer they make air conditioners inefficient, while in winter they overload the work of stoves and radiators. To know how to act, please refer to the guide:how to eliminate drafts from doors and windows.
  2. Fridge and freezer
    Is the fridge door, as well as the freezer door, hermetically closed? Your refrigerator is accessible 24/24 h. It is advisable to check all the gaskets and open it only when necessary.
  3. Appliances and energy class
    We all now know that a class A +++ washing machine is very economical in consumption. We cannot advise you to change the washing machine but at the next replacement, choose a class A +++ appliance. The increased initial expense will be repaid over time and this principle applies to all household appliances.
  4. Ecological washing machine
    Only activate the washing machine when it is fully loaded and wash your clothes with cold water. Use hot water only when strictly necessary: ​​the production of hot water requires a lot of energy.
  5. Thermostat and chronothermostat
    A programmable chronothermostat or thermostat (on the market there are also wi-fi to manage with your smartphone) can save you up to 150 euros on the bill related to the heating and cooling of the house. Among the wi-fi models on the market we have tested the wi fi thermostatNetatmoand theNest.
  6. Insulate the outdoor units of the air conditioners
    In winter, be sure to insulate the external units of the air conditioners by means of a special cover, this operation will limit energy losses.
  7. Consumer electronics
    You know the appliances instandbycan they weigh up to 80 euros in the bill? Remember to turn off all consumable equipment when not in use.
  8. Dishwasher
    Only use it with a full load and set quick washes at low temperatures if there are no pots to wash.
  9. Lighting
    Forimprove the energy efficiency of an apartmentyou can aim for natural lighting: consider installing a skylight or a large window. When it comes to artificial lighting, replace the old light bulbs with LED bulbs for the home, brighter, longer lasting and undoubtedly more "saving".
  10. Lighting of the entrance and the garden
    To illuminate the garden it is not necessary to set up an electrical system, you can take advantage of solar energy and photovoltaic spotlights. A solar-powered lighthouse is not very expensive and allows you to illuminate the entrance to theflatand the entire garden taking advantage of the sun even at night. For more information, please refer to the article:solar powered garden lamps.

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