Energy Performance Certificate: new rules

Energy Performance Certificate: new rules

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Energy Performance Certificate: new rules, effective from October 1st. For less than a month, the provisions decided and approved in the summer and which make theEnergy Performance Certificate (APE) unique for the whole national territory.

Finally eliminated the regional inhomogeneities that made Italy for the umpteenth time a country with a thousand bell towers. There were different ways of evaluating the performance of a building or a real estate unit from area to area, once upon a time: now with the new rules forBEE, from Sicily to Friuli Venezia Giulia the same language is also spoken in this sector.

In addition to making the concept and reality of the Energy Performance Certificate, the new rules give "a rule" also on the front of energy certifiers. Those of Sunday, those of "friend of a friend", those of "I found it online", those of Sunday, will find their way blocked.

Space to professionals of good will and excellent preparation, obliged from October to carry out at least one inspection of the building that will have to be evaluated. The validity of theEnergy Performance Certificate it remains ten years old, unless heavy restructuring interventions make it necessary to redo it from scratch.

Energy Performance Certificate: what it is

L'Energy Performance Certificate (APE), formerly ACE, is a sort of "medical record" of a building, a house or a single apartment. This document describes its energy characteristics, constituting an important control tool. The performance, that "P" of APE ( Energy Performance Certificate) is summarized with a letter from A to G, it becomes an important information especially in case of purchase or lease of a property.

Here indeed is that this Energy Performance Certificate it is mandatory in these cases. Only in these, for the rest, is it a document however useful to inform on energy consumption and increase the value of energy-efficient buildings. In case you want to evaluate improvement interventions, for example, without necessarily having or wanting to immediately sell the property we want to own Energy Performance Certificate.

Energy Performance Certificate: example

A classic example of misunderstanding in front of the new rules is confusing theEnergy Performance Certificate with the Energy Qualification Certificate (AQE). No, they are two different things. Remaining to ours Energy Performance Certificate, this document must be made for example if we have a property to sell or rent.

If so, we call a professional to help us. With the new rules it takes an "accredited person" to draw up theBEE according to national organization, control and methods. This of the "national" is a novelty, previously there were methods and timing that varied according to local and regional laws. Today, at least for the'Energy Performance Certificate, Italy returns united.

The energy certifier, whether he is an architect, engineer or surveyor, is usually a technician qualified in the design of buildings and systems. Once called, “our” expert of Energy Performance Certificate carries out an energy analysis of the property, evaluating for example walls and fixtures, consumption, the production of hot water, the room heating, the various systems installed, welcome if there are also some that produce renewable energy.

Finally, the time comes for the compilation of theBEE which will be kept and delivered to the new owner or tenant.

Energy Performance Certificate: cost

On average, the cost of theEnergy Performance Certificate but there is no tariff currently decided by organizations or orders that determines the minimum cost. At the moment, but we keep in mind that the new rules have been in effect for less than a month.

We can reasonably say that the price ofBEE in addition to varying from area to area, like the prices of many other services, it is influenced by the type of property covered by the certificate. If it is a building, a mini apartment, a group of similar properties, a group of buildings that are not homogeneous in their characteristics. There is a big difference in work for those who have to produce a Energy Performance Certificate.

Energy Performance Certificate: tips
First of all it is a good idea to ask for more quotes and hear more certifiers to understand which one attracts us and which one is convenient for us to obtain a Energy Performance Certificate as it should without being plucked. In general, be careful to check that the quote includes VAT, shipping costs and additional costs, if the figure is too low, better be wary.

We do not distrust those who want to sign theEnergy Performance Certificate with digital signature: it has full legal validity and can replace the paper copy.

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