Giant Schnauzer: Character and Price

Giant Schnauzer: Character and Price

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Giant Schnauzer, a breed that comes from Germany and takes the name of there Riesenschnauzer which then, in our language, means "mustaches": This is the way the" mustache "was called in Bavaria. If you look well in the face, in the muzzle, it is Giant Schnauzer, of course the name is spot on.

Giant Schnauzer: Origins

The origins of the Giant Schnauzer and are to be found in the crosses between the Tyrolean sheepdog and the Mountain Dog of Flanders. This breed is also present in many 15th century paintings and prints, as a companion of horses and stagecoaches.

The Giant Schnauzer it was officially recognized in 1922 when it was presented for the first time in an exhibition of dog breeds held in The Hague. In the past this dog, giant or in other sizes, which we will see later, was used as guardian dog, especially of the bovine herds, immediately exploiting its propensity for defense.

Always for the same reason, he took on and often still holds a role of collaborator of law enforcement agencies. This happens in Germany and other northern countries, not in Italy. Not so far.

Giant Schnauzer: Appearance

To be giant it Giant Schnauzer he is, and he also has a nice big head, elongated and, thanks also to his mustache and hair, important. The stop is well defined and the nose is always black, whatever the color of the hair. as well as the lips.

Nello Giant Schnauzer there are specimens with black hair or even pepper and salt. In the first case the coat tends to be opaque, in the second, if pepper and salt, the hair is usually of a homogeneous color. As homogeneous as possible.

Beyond the color, the hair of the Riesenschnauzer it is rough and thick, so much so that it is also called wire. Underneath it hides a very thick and woolly undercoat, the whole constitutes one protection really good against heat and cold.

The eyes of the Giant Schnauzer they are dark and oval, in a semi-lateral position, and are often half covered by a fringe which, together with the mustache, gives them a nice air. Even if it is a defense dog and doesn't like to hear that it looks funny. He does not smile but growls, and has a perfect set of teeth, white and robust, strong also the musculature and the structure of the limbs, very athletic, solid and strong.

The feet of the Giant Schnauzer I'm "Cat's feet" because they are short, round, with dark soles and arched toes. All these characteristics emerge in the first months of life, as well as the typical gait of the Giant Schnauzer, and also of the other two smaller breeds. The Schnauzer he is always very elegant, he is immediately distinguished, but this does not make him lose his pace: he is capable of long strides and over short distances he is an excellent galloper.

Giant Schnauzer: Character

Elegant in gait, but it is Giant Schnauzer it is also elegant in soul, in nature. He is composed, proud, a strong, fast, courageous and resilient dog that commands respect. Whoever you are dealing with Giant Schnauzer it proves to be a very balanced and thoughtful dog even if when it is the case, it takes prompt action to defend at the slightest sign of danger both its owners and the property - house or garden or whatever - and its herd.

The Giant Schnauzer he's a tremendous individualist and doesn't like the concept of pack leader. Or rather, he is the leader of himself. This means that he cannot go so far as to recognize his pack leader in the master. It is usually a dog that acts alone, at the most with an adventure companion of the opposite sex.

Said so does not seem very nice, theRiesenschnauzer, but it must be admitted that he knows how to be cheerful: if this were not the case he would not find space among dogs, even for pets.

Giant Schnauzer: price

As a race that of Giant Schnauzer it is among the most valid for training, since it positively accepts everything that is taught to it by its master. Starting from conducted on a leash and from the "seated" and "ground" commands to the return or guard of the object. Here is one of the biggest reasons why puppies of Giant Schnauzer they are quite coveted and expensive: around 850 euros up to 1200.

A particular chapter in one's life Giant Schnauzer it is certainly that of defense training. He already has innate gifts so when we educate him we take into account that it is an enhancement to target natural talent well. TheRiesenschnauzerit is used abroad by the police and other law enforcement agencies and was also considered very valid for the pet therapy, and the rescue.

Giant Schnauzer: grooming

A classic for wire-haired dogs: shedding a lot of hair for a short period of time. The toilet can help us by arranging ours Giant Schnauzer through stripping, freeing it from superfluous hair. It is an operation not to be underestimated and not only aesthetic, it must be done with great care and precision, always taking into account that there are areas that will not come stripped, but shear. The throat, the chest, the ears, the cheeks, the lower part of the tail, the inner thigh and the anal area.

Then there are areas to be finished with a scissor: the bangs, the beard, the eyebrows, the feet and the mustache. Stripping in the Giant Schnauzer it affects the rest of the body, hips, outer thighs, shoulders and part of the legs.

Small Schnauzer

There are 3 breeds of Schnauzer and these differ only in size, then for the rest they are practically identical. In the case of the Small Schnauzer and ofMiniature Schnauzer, for example, we are facing an excellent pet dog, suitable for both an apartment and for those who have a garden in which to let it run.

Medium Schnauzer

If so Schnauzer medium is primarily a guard dog, unlike the Giant Schnauzer which is classically defensive. Also sedate guard, it Giant Schnauzer he is a very safe dog with children and with wary of strangers. In general, they are rustic dogs, quite long-lived and rather robust.

Give it Medium Schnauzer was born then Giant Schnauzer, centuries ago, insisting with the Bovaro delle Flandre and the Germanic Molosser. The newly arrived giant breed around 1880 was the dog of brewers and butchers of Munich.

Giant Schnauzer: video

We mentioned her elegant gait, here she is immortalized in a video that tells the many characteristics of this wonderfulGiant Schnauzer. You will rediscover his hair and his eyes, his way of moving in all his elegant power. For those who love him it will be exciting to see him told in this way, as a true protagonist as he is in the days of his masters who certainly also appreciate his intelligence and loyalty. Good vision

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