Wheat weevil, how to eliminate it

Wheat weevil, how to eliminate it

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Wheat weevil, how to eliminate it and perform a correct disinfestation. Practical advice to eliminate the awls of pasta, rice and cereals.

They callgrain awl, pasta awl, rice awl or, more generallyweevil of cereals; technically it is Sitophilus granarius, a small insect that plunders our pantries and lives well in the home, especially in the kitchen where it feeds on ... guess what? Cereals and derivatives!

Even those who love to store cereals, pasta and rice in airtight sachets are not safe: thegrain awlmanages to puncture plastic, as well as paper and fabric packaging. Only food in glass (hermetically sealed) is safe.

The grain awl it is not the only insect that colonizes and infests our pantries. Equally annoying can be food moths, even in this case we have a guide to eliminate the problem:food moths, all remedies.

How do ipasta awlsin your pantry?
In most cases, iwheat awlsthey arrive in our pantry still under development, brought with pasta, rice or other cereals.

The female ofSitophilus granariusit lays its eggs in a welcoming place full of food (maybe the bucket of wheat you just bought!) and, within a few months, the eggs hatch, giving birth first to the larvae which then develop into the adult weevil we know.

Once reached adulthood, thegrain awlemerges from the bag to mate and looks for new territory to invade and food to plunder. The eggs of grain awl they take from one to five months to hatch, the timing varies according to the temperature. On the following page we will see how to prevent and how to eliminate the grain awl.

Wheat weevil, prevention

  • Check all cereals at the time of purchase.
  • Eat the grain shortly or freeze it to kill any eggs.
  • Buy small amounts of wheat to consume in a short time.
  • Store cereals in airtight glass jars. Do not use plastic or fabric bags, if you use plastic containers, be careful to choose them well resistant and robust.
  • Regularly clean the pantry, all shelves and stored containers.
  • Arrange bags of black pepper around the pantry, black pepper works as a mild natural repellent against weevils.

How to get rid of wheat awls

  • Eliminate all infested foods. Inspect food carefully. Get rid of anything that may have been contaminated and store any remaining food in glass jars.
  • Seal any cracks, holes or crevices in the pantry.
  • Check for reappearance daily to be sure you have completely eliminated them.

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