How to care for the skin of the face

How to care for the skin of the face

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How to care for the skin of the face in a natural way: DIY masks, scrubs, exfoliating creams and all the tricks to have one perfect facial skin, healthy and soft.

The skin of the face, as well as our aesthetic appearance, is the first business card that we deliver to those we meet for the first time. Have oneperfect facial skin it is the dream of many, women and men (yes yes, even a good part of the boys try to better treat the skin of the face), a dream that can become reality with the right precautions.

Many of us have to contend withred, cracked facial skinor evenruinedfrom the signs of the sun or from previous neglect. Remember that having healthy, well-hydrated skin not only makes us look better but helps us live better. Our skin performs various functions, first of all it acts as an anatomical barrier from pathogens, it is an organ of storage and synthesis and hence the concept of dry skin or oily skin.


If you have long since neglected the well-being of your epidermis and today you find yourself with onedamaged facial skin, with sunspots or full of blackheads, fear not, it's never too late to start taking care of yourself.

How to heal oily and combination skin on the face

Everyskinhas a story of its own and the products recommended for an epidermal type are not suitable for everyone. It is the case of those who have one oily facial skin, using products (albeit natural) recommended for those who have one dry facial skin, would only make his position worse.

Sulfur soap is a perfect natural remedy for treat oily facial skin. It is able to eliminate impurities and block the secretion of sebaceous substances. The sulfur soap is perfect for eliminate blackheads on oily facial skin. Given the low cost, it can be used on the whole body but it is absolutely not recommended for those with dry skin. Sulfur soap is perfect for treating acne, pimples and imperfections of oily skin.


Rice starch is another natural remedy for treat combination or oily facial skin. It lightens the skin and is also suitable for those who have problems with facial blemishes,orreddened facial skin.

How to heal dry facial skin

Dry facial skin has a history of its own. Before asking yourself how to treat dry skin on your face, perhaps eliminating imperfections or narrowing large pores, you must be honest with yourself: how much do you drink and how much fruit and vegetables do you eat? Theredry skinit is usually caused by poor hydration.

Before applying dozens and dozens of artificial moisturizers, try drinking more water! Make sure you have a water supply of at least 2 liters per day. This is the first step fortreat chapped, dry and damaged facial skin. Drinking water is important, and it will also save you money on the purchase of creams which in most cases will be ineffective.

To improve the health of thedry skinit is possible to exploit the properties of coconut oil. Coconut oil has a high moisturizing power and is also suitable for sensitive and reddened skin. Who has problems with reddened facial skin may also find the use of micellar water interesting.

Those with dry skin can count on exfoliating creams based on white clay, ventilated green clay or natural moisturizers based on aloe vera.

How to heal facial skin from blackheads

Blackheads are a bit of everyone's cross. Who does not have this problem is probably because he has not carefully scrutinized the so-called "T-zone" of the face: chin, nose and forehead. An easy to apply natural remedy for blackheads is baking soda.


This remedy should be used with some moderation by those with the dry skin. For every information:blackheads and bicarbonate.

Spots on the face

In addition to the remedies seen above, I would like to point out the guide articleHow to cure skin blemishes.

Skin cleansing

Clay is an excellent natural remedy for eliminating skin impurities. There are different types of clay, you can mix it with thermal water, aloe vera, floral water, essential oils, yogurt, water or milk keffir ... Those with very sensitive skin should use white clay or red clay. For information: green clay mask.

How to take care of the skin of the face with do it yourself

Other articles that may interest you: DIY cleansing milk for all skin types, another interesting natural product for facial skin care is black soap, more suitable for dry skin when 100% natural, but on the market there are also formulations for all skin types and for oily facial skin.

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