Remove the eggplant stains

Remove the eggplant stains

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We keep talking aboutspotsdifficult to remove, after having seen how to remove hair dye stains, let's review those of eggplant and nuts.

Spots of eggplant and walnuts, how to remove them quickly and with products that are easy to find at home. Natural remedies and tips to remove eggplant stains from hands.

If, at least once in your life, you have found yourself preparing an aubergine-based recipe without wearing gloves, you will have had your fingertips and hands completely covered with dark spots.

As well as the eggplant, even fresh walnuts stain your hands, as does tomato picking ... For all these activities, we recommend the use of ergonomic gloves so as to prevent these dark spots which are particularly unsightly when they affect the area between the nails and the fingertips of the hands! On this page we will see how to remove the black left by eggplants on our skin.

If you are allergic to gloves, when it is time to cut aubergines or peel fresh walnuts, arm yourself with a few slices of lemon: place half a lemon on the work surface and rub it on your hands between one slice and another. By doing so they will remain immaculate. Unfortunately, however, lemon is little consolation and fails to remove the black eggplant spots when they are already formed.

Unfortunately there are no real natural remedies, on my skin I tested several products suggested by the network such as: coconut oil, degreasers, essential oils, red wine vinegar, bicarbonate, alcohol…. but nothing!

The only product that can give good results is bleach and let's face it, it's not exactly the most delicate liquid to get in contact with your skin! To use bleach more safely, make sure you dilute it with water and don't use it pure.

Those with very delicate skin would do well to be satisfied with a very light dilution by combining one part of bleach with three parts of water.

Pay attention that, in the long run, aubergines can stain even your teeth, just like coffee. Remember to brush your teeth a couple of hours after ingesting them.

Teeth should not be brushed immediately after a meal to enable salivary enzymes to naturally eliminate small food residues contained in the mouth. If you brush your teeth immediately after lunch, be sure to first rinse your mouth with plenty of water, otherwise you run the risk of smearing food residues on your teeth, making things considerably worse.

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