How to make a passport

How to make a passport

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Knowing how to passport without making mistakes is important to avoid wasting time and unnecessary expenses. In this article I will offer you a complete overview with all the information updated to 2015 to make a new passport.

Passport: who issues it

In Italy the passport is issued exclusively by the Passport Office of the Police Headquarters. However, the application can also be made at the Carabinieri headquarters, at the passport office of the police headquarters or at the Municipalities. However, it will be necessary to go to the police station to leave the fingerprints that will be scanned and inserted as biometric data in the chip integrated in the passport.

The passport must be requested at the police headquarters in the city of residence. If you request it in a different city, you must have the authorization from the police headquarters of your city of residence.

Are there ways to avoid the queues?

Yes, the application for a passport can also be made online, on the dedicated website of the State Police.

Who can apply for a passport

The passport in Italy can be requested by all Italian citizens.

What documentation is needed to apply for a passport

To apply for a passport it is necessary to present the following documentation:

- Printed and duly completed and signed form of the passport request (for minors it is necessary to use a specific form)

- A valid identification document (usually the Identity Card)

- 2 photos exclusively in passport format and necessarily identical and recent. The photograph must have a white background. The face must be clearly visible. Those who wear prescription glasses can keep them in the photo as long as the lenses are not colored or as long as the frame does not alter the physiognomy of the face.

For some examples of valid and invalid photographs you can refer to this page in .pdf format of the State Police website.

- The receipt of the payment of 42.50 Euros exclusively through current account slip n. 67422808 in the name of: Ministry of Economy and Finance - Department of the Treasury.

To make the payment, special pre-made slips are available in post offices. If they are not available, you must indicate as the reason: "amount for the issue of the electronic passport".

- An administrative mark of 73.50 Euros that you will have to purchase in advance at a tobacconist's or in a resale of stamped values ​​(the marks are NOT available at the police station)

The amount was increased starting from 24 June 2014, previously it was 40.29 euros.

Is it necessary to apply the appropriate administrative revenue stamp at the end of each year from issue?

NO. The new legislation no longer provides for the application of any revenue stamp. Once you have obtained your passport you will no longer have to incur any costs for 10 years.

How much does it cost to make a passport?

Overall, the expenses to be incurred to obtain the passport are around 121 Euros. At the cost of the payment of 42.50 Euros and that of the administrative mark of 73.50 Euros it is necessary to add the cost for the passport-size photograph (in the automatic self-service stations it usually costs 5 Euros but if you go to a photographer the amount can easily more than double).

How long does the passport last?

The passport is valid for 10 years.

Can the passport be renewed?

At the end of the validity period of 10 years from issue, the passport is no longer usable, it CANNOT be renewed and a new one must be requested.

What is the electronic passport?

The electronic passport and the passport are the same thing. In Italy the passport is defined electronic as it contains a microchip with the following digitized data: personal data, photos and fingerprints of the holder. The digitized signature is also included in the microchip (except for children under 12, illiterate people and for those who are physically unable to sign).

Is it possible to add a minor child to the passport of one of the two parents?

No. With the new legislation in force it is NO longer possible to register the minor child on the passport of one of the parents. Minors must also have their own passport.

Is the consent of a single parent sufficient to apply for a passport for a minor?

No. In compliance with the law for the protection of minors (eg to prevent "kidnapping" by one of the two parents) to apply for a passport for a minor, the consent of both parents is required, regardless of whether the parents are married, separated, divorced or natural parents.

The other parent must then sign the consent in front of the Public Official, in charge of authenticating the signature, at the office where the documentation is presented. Alternatively, in the absence of consent, one must be in possession of the authorization of the tutelary judge.

In the event that the other parent is unable to show up to sign the declaration of consent, the applicant for the passport can attach a photocopy of the document of the absent parent signed in original with a written declaration of consent to travel abroad, always with the original signature.

What should I do if we lose our passport or if it is stolen?

In case of theft or loss of the passport it is necessary to immediately report it to the nearest police station or to the nearest Carabinieri command.

What is the home passport service?

This is a service available throughout Italy since 27 October 2014, thanks to an agreement with Poste Italiane, which avoids the citizen having to go to the Police Headquarters to collect the passport.

At the time of applying for a passport, the citizen can request a special envelope from the Italian Post Office from the Police Headquarters or the police station which must be completed and delivered, together with the rest of the documentation, to the Passport Office.

The envelope must indicate the address where you wish to receive the passport as soon as it is ready. The citizen will be given a receipt with the number of the envelope so that he can track the shipment on the Italian Post Office portal.

The "Passport at home" service has a cost of 8.20 Euros which the applicant must pay cash on delivery at the time of delivery directly to the person in charge of the Italian Post Office.

Is a passport always necessary to travel abroad?

No, in all states of the European Union, for example, it is sufficient to have a valid Identity Card for expatriation.

Warning: in some states it is possible to have problems entering if the identity card has been renewed with the appropriate stamp.

Another important point of attention: some states allow entry only to those in possession of a passport with a residual validity of AT LEAST 6 months. One of these states, for example, is Brazil.

How can I know if my identity card is valid for expatriation?

All identity cards are valid for expatriation except those with the words "NOT VALID FOR EXPATRATION".

Can I travel all over the world with my passport alone without any other documents?

In some states, the affixing of a visa to the passport is strictly required.

For more information on visa I recommend you read my article: How to make a visa.

To enter the United States of America, instead of a visa, the ESTA form which can be requested on the official US Customs website.

How can I know for sure what documents are required to enter a particular state in the world?

Just visit the card dedicated to each state on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For a summary of much of the information I wrote above and some additional detailed information you can look at this official video made by the State Police:

Video: DEBATE. Are vaccine passports the best way out of lockdown? (June 2022).


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