Solutions for water saving in the garden

Solutions for water saving in the garden and in the vegetable garden: strategies and tips for save water during activities in garden and vegetable garden. From the recovery of rainwater to systems for the efficient use of water.

Whoever has a garden is used to seeingwater consumptionvery high: the lawn should be irrigated as well as the ornamental plants, flower beds and any vegetable garden. The garden requires continuous maintenance work: the courtyard needs to be washed, every external flooring is more exposed to dust and so, especially in the summer, we have to try long cleaning practices with consequent water consumption.


Thesolutions for water saving in the gardenthey are very simple to adopt, many require healthy common sense while for others it will be necessary to purchase a device to maximize the efficiency of the water used.

Solutions for water saving in irrigation

You cansave water in the gardenusing different strategies:

- Reuse of kitchen water
Did you know that you can fertirrigate flowering plants and horticultural species with the water from cooking vegetables? It is an excellent natural fertilizer that irrigates and nourishes the soil.
- Mulch
Mulching slows the evaporation of soil moisture, controls the growth of weeds and protects the roots of plants. Use organic material to mulch crops in pots or in the garden.
- Drip irrigation
A drip irrigation system will help you save many liters of water.
- Soil
To decrease irrigation, improve the quality of the soil by adding organic matter such as soil / compost.
- Water only when necessary
Choose smart timers that suspend irrigation in case of rain while if you irrigate manually, make sure the soil is dry enough before administering new water. Rather than watering a lot and a little, do deep watering of the soil and irrigate more rarely. Irrigate in the early hours of the day to mitigate itwaste of waterlinked to evaporation.

Water saving solutions for cleaning outdoor environments

To wash the floors in the garden or courtyard, avoid using drinking water and use rainwater. The rainwater recovery systems are accessible and inexpensive, they can integrate perfectly with the garden furniture and those with special needs can choose to bury more complex tanks with integrated filters.

Also use the recycled water to clean the car. Prefer dry cleaning or if you really can't do without water, do not use the hose with running water but use buckets containing soapy water. For rinsing, use a hose with a nozzle with a flow reducer to ensure maximum water savings.

Also, for garden cleaning you can reuse the waste water from the washing machine.

To understand how to save water at 360 °, I invite you to read the article dedicated tosolutions for water saving in the homeand look at the devices in the photo gallery of the same name: solutions for water saving.


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