DIY dog beds

DIY dog beds

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DIY dog beds, they can be done and it's good for our wallet, for our four-legged friend and also for us who sweat over them. Yes, because in addition to good physical exercise, they are also an opportunity to create something tangible that will raise our self-esteem. And the thanks that we will read in our animals, to see that we are working hard to make the best of diy dog ​​beds that you host them, it will be priceless.

The top of the top, being within the diy dog ​​beds, would be to be able to make it a comfortable place to take refuge and rest, starting from recycled materials.

I will give you some ideas, referring the most precise techniques to the thousand tutorials and above all to your imagination and your wits. I trust your practical sense and above all to combine the useful with the recycling, and to the delightful, and al practical.

If you have done the cleaning and wardrobe changes you will have found it for sure old sweaters which are perfect for making diy dog ​​beds, they will certainly be soft and welcoming, perhaps even colorful and imaginative. They can be completed with a cushion on the bottom, to soften and shape the rest.

If you want to commit even more, you can pad the sleeves and create a perimeter with them by keeping the sleeves together with comfortable plastic closures generally found on backpacks. I'm diy dog ​​beds even washable, if we put zippers instead of sewing the padding. In this way we get a perfect doghouse especially for the winter season if we have a small-medium sized dog who loves to stay warm even at home.

From sweaters we can move on to t-shirts that combined with hangers become excellent material for diy dog ​​beds. Here too we are almost at no cost, considering that we can take the t-shirts we no longer use. There are usually plenty of hangers, sown around the house.

Here, if one gathers them and realizes with them a structure similar to that of one camping tend, then just cover it with the fabric of the t-shirt and here is a more summery bed. In the summer even in the garden or on the balcony it is fine, it is even better if perfected with a cushion on the bottom, always welcome.

We've looked in our closet so far but the suitcases and lockers themselves are great for making too diy dog ​​beds. Let's start from suitcases: if we have old, damaged, or perhaps with a defective closure that makes them unusable, we can sacrifice them to create a good bed for our four-legged friend.

One half of the suitcase by itself becomes a comfortable dog bed, applying supports under it. We can then wanting to re-cover it and put a pillow and a blanket. Then all that remains is to place it on the ground in a place where the dog does not feel alone but is not even in the middle of the feet or near an important sound source.

We talked about wardrobes, and here there is also the possibility to do diy dog ​​beds with an old bedside table. In this case it is important that rough or sharp surfaces are smoothed and dangerous metal parts removed. We can also repaint it, as long as we use non-toxic colors. We can decorate it, even make it a trompe l'oeil, and then furnish it with a pillow.

Now, let's move from home and move on to pallets, material widely used in DIY, alternative to wooden boxes. In our case both are fine to accomplish diy dog ​​beds, as for the bedside table, it is important to remove splinters and rough edges.

For the structure you can indulge yourself also depending on your inventiveness and the manual skills we have, it is important to build something stable, and then embellish it with a name plate and soft pillow.For the tag if we have children, grandchildren, neighbors, we can ask them for a hand: the dog recognizes and appreciates certain "Primordial art".

For the pillow, you can think of something like the patchwork or a cross-stitch embroidery, or a pop art style pillow: you can find all kinds. And they can be done by taking an old t-shirt. For the more skilled, the pallets are also suitable for building a style kennel model Snoopy's cottage and then add a rainwater recovery system or a small roof garden.

With the pallets we moved on to diy dog ​​beds for outdoor and also suitable for large dogs. Same thing goes for the diy dog ​​beds built with wood and equipped with a green roof which is an excellent solution for natural temperature regulation and internal humidity.

With wooden boxes, more than real diy dog ​​beds, you can create beds for puppies, the extreme creative act is to put one on top of the other for entire litters, perhaps painting each in a personalized way for the puppy and thus obtaining a multicolored bunk bed.

The classic wooden house fits perfectly into the dog beds made by you: just get wood and re-use the one already used, to complete with screws and waterproof material, to isolate everything. The instructions to follow to build our dog's dream kennel are simple, and can be completed with a lined cushion, therefore easily washable, and complete with pre-printed footprints, thus preventing those of the guest.

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