Natural herbicide, from do-it-yourself to advice

Natural herbicide, from do-it-yourself to advice

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Anatural herbicideit is an effective and low environmental impact remedy to stop weed growth.

In the article dedicated to remedies for weeds we have suggested three effective techniques that act asnatural herbicide: fire weeding (thermal herbicide or thermal herbicide), mulching (very useful in the vegetable garden) and weeding by solarization.

The sun as a natural herbicide

The natural herbicide par excellence is the sun! The damage caused by the sun in the summer season is such that it causes large losses to farmers. So why not take advantage of these features to eliminate weeds? To take advantage of the sun likenatural herbicideyou will need to get a plastic sheet to overheat the ground. Here's how to proceed:

  • free the soil from any remains of cultivation.
  • Spread a plastic sheet over the surface to be treated and bury the edges or fix them with stones.
  • Leave the plastic sheet in place for at least 20-30 days.
  • Within a month, the sun will have acted like natural herbicideeliminating the weeds and killing the roots placed at least in the first 20 cm of soil.

Natural herbicide: flame weeding

Fire weeding, together with solarization, are two very common practices in organic farming. Weeding is not expensive at all. A device for practicing flame weeding has an initial cost ranging from around 40 euros up to 150 euros. To practice fire weeding it is possible to buy a cannula (a sort of small flamethrower!) To be hooked to the gas cylinder or a more compact device that has a small built-in cylinder. Cannulas that attach directly to a gas cylinder are more effective but also more expensive.

Fire weeding is one way eliminate weeds very effective and long-lasting, as well as solarization, consists in causing a thermal shock to the soil that prevents the growth of weeds and prepares the soil for any cultivation. The fire weeding is also very useful for eliminating weeds that grow along the borders of flower beds, or along the paths. I have personally used this technique for get rid of weeds that grow between the joints in the pavement of my garden.

Unlike sunburn, with the fire weedingthere are no waiting times: just pass the flame produced by the cannula on the ground to be treated and hold it still for a few seconds. Of course, on larger areas perhaps the best technique is that of solarization but if thenatural herbicideit must be passed in limited areas, fire weeding can be the winning strategy.

On Amazon it is proposed with the name of “Gas thermal herbicide”, a cannula that is attached to the gas cylinder. The barrel is supplied together with the low pressure regulator and a 5 meter hose. The price varies according to the model.

Personally I bought the Campingaz Garden Torch at the price of 91.72 euros but there are many prices and models. You can choose the one that best reflects your ambitions by visiting the general page:Amazon thermal herbicide.

The coupling mechanism of the gas cartridge appears to be labile, so if you buy this keep in mind that you will have to reinforce it with electrical tape or elastic hooks.

Natural herbicide with water and vinegar

A type ofnatural herbicide do it yourselfit can be prepared from water and vinegar as explained by these two nice guys in the following video. Pay attention that the dosages you listen to with the audio do not correspond to reality: 3 liters of vinegar are needed and not 2 as reported by the young men :) otherwise the video is clear and comprehensive.

Video: DIY u0026 Organic Treatments for Lawn Weeds (June 2022).


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