The health damage of domestic pollution

The health damage of domestic pollution

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What are the damage to health data from exposure to idomestic pollution and what causes this form of pollution? Here are the chemical risks when we expose ourselves toindoor pollution.

Theshampoothat you use or the latest pots purchased, could they harm your health? As a nutritionist and life coach, my patients often ask me why they developed a particular allergy that they did not have in the past (read the causes of allergies). In addition to recommending the most accurate clinical tests, I inquire about recent stress levels, investigate patients' fitness patterns and try to understand which chemicals they may be exposed to.

Nutrition, healthy weight echemical dangers are three themes that go hand in hand, just think that most of the substances that causedomestic pollutionthey negatively impact our endocrine system as well as the immune system. In these cases, a holistic approach to the problem is always the key to solving, or at least alleviating, any ailment.

The endocrine system controls almost all major processes in the body, from blood pressure to metabolism. L'domestic pollutionit can interfere with hormonal signals or undermine the production of new hormones by disrupting the normal endocrine processes of our body.

The New York University School of Medicine pediatric endocrinology and environmental medicine unit pointed out that"Over the past two decades, the increase in scientific evidence suggests that the chemicals we are exposed to withdomestic pollutionthey can alter the function of the hormones in our body and which can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, congenital birth defects and even trigger some types of cancer ”.

A growing number of researchers are striving to understand how the chemicals in products we use daily can put our health at risk by causing infertility problems, birth defects and increasing the risk of obesity, diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified a group of 298 chemicals that can commonly be found in the human body exposed to domestic and environmental pollution. Most of these chemicals can be very harmful to our health.

Foravoid the damage of domestic pollutionIt is important to learn how to choose wisely which products to use on a daily basis. From plastic food containers to the choice of cookware, from the ban on home deodorants to a more conscious use of cleaning detergents. For all the details, I refer you to the article onhow to avoid domestic pollution.

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