The right and sustainable expense

The right and sustainable expense

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There fair and sustainable spending it is an informed and intelligent trolley. And if the question is: let's do the right expense? The answer can only be: not yet, but it is much better. Why the fair and sustainable spending it is getting into people's skin and changing purchases. Got manufacturers?

But what drives us to do one fair and sustainable spending? One of the most important purchase reasons is the reduction of waste: 95% of people tend to buy only products or services that they are certain to consume.

The information tam tam on food waste works; the spending budget has been reduced and makes us more careful not to throw away unconsumed products; we are also more attentive to waste management. These three factors explain the contagious aversion to waste that spreads among consumers.

From the DOXA research carried out for the Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Innovation Exhibition, scheduled at the Bocconi University in Milan, other interesting data: in 84% of cases in shops or supermarkets we tend to choose based on origin and the traceability of products.

This way of doing the right expense this is especially true for the fashion, food and toiletry sectors. And here the label comes into play, which in the supermarket of the future will not by chance be an 'augmented label'. To contain a lot of information, not just those required by law.

In fair and sustainable spending attention to the environmental impact is essential for 81% of consumers. We are talking about packaging but also about Km 0. And the carbon footprint of the products. The less you pollute the more I like you. Consumers seem willing to make their contribution to the European targets for reducing polluting emissions.

Going even deeper into the purchasing dynamics of right expense, DOXA research carried out on a representative sample of the Italian population has tried to highlight the reasons that make the choice of a product more interesting and engaging. Needless to say, at the top of the ranking (93% of cases) there is the belief that they have made a good deal. Economic motivation, therefore, but reasoned, which arises from a careful examination of the relationship between quality and price.

Immediately afterwards, consumers like to choose what they know or at least think they know well. In 89% of cases, the pleasure arises from an informed purchase, and from knowing the characteristics, origin and sustainability of what you buy. There right expense it is an informed and intelligent trolley.

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