How to use leftover coffee

How to use leftover coffee

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How to use leftover coffee: tips, recipes and instructions on alternative (and not!) uses of leftover coffee. From sweets to house cleaning.

We are very good at not wasting coffee. We prepare the same amount every day, after all, the coffee is easy to dose, if necessary just "load the coffee pot" for 2, 3 or 6 cups! From time to time, however, our habits change and it is possible to find ourselves with excess coffee. This is why it is useful to knowhow to use leftover coffee!

The alternative (and not!) Uses of leftover coffee

  • Acidophilic plants
    If your garden soil has a neutral pH and you are growing acidophilic plants, you can use leftover coffee to acidify the soil. I do this with my little blueberry crop and it seems to work beautifully.
  • Ice cubes
    This use of theleftover coffeeit is especially indicated in summer, to serve good cold coffee. Why "add" iced coffee with ice water cubes when it is possible to use coffee cubes directly?
  • Cleaning of oven plates, grills, barbecue utensils
    Theleftover coffeeit can be used to clean grids and stoves soiled with burnt grease.
  • Coffee Liquor
    Coffee liqueur is very popular with Italians, so what do you think if you serve it to your guests at the next dinner? The liqueur / coffee ratio is 1: 1, for every 100 ml of coffee (preferably restricted) 100 ml of alcohol 90 ° C is needed. Among the ingredients also water, sugar and lemon zest.
  • Coffee cream
    Other method foruse leftover coffeeconsists in the preparation of an excellent coffee cream. The ingredients include whipping cream, so if you are on a diet you should abstain. More info:coffee cream.
  • Cocktails
    There are several cocktails (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) that involve the use of coffee or its liqueur. Some examples? Black Russian, Irish coffee, Café royal, Caffè kiss, Galliano hot shot ...
  • Coffee granita
    The coffee granita is a great way touse leftover coffee, it is eaten even better if served with cream.
  • Bakery sweets
    Any chocolate dessert can be enriched with good coffee. There are many desserts that like the addition of coffee: chocolate mousse, brownies, cocoa glaze, hazelnut muffins and any baked dessert recipe that needs water!
  • Marinate
    I'm sure you can't imagine it, but ... a little coffee can be added to the liquid to marinate white or red meats. It goes well with brown sugar, black pepper and lightly smoky flavors. Coffee mixed with spices can be used in the form of a sauce to coat cooked meat or form a marinade. I tried it with the cut of beef, it's not bad at all ...
  • Compost
    Liquid coffee can always end up in the home composter.
  • Like a spice
    Use leftover coffee as a spice and, as it has a full aroma, it goes very well with all dishes that have a strong flavor. With which spices to combine it? Coffee goes well with cinnamon, allspice, cloves, chilli, garlic and salt.

How to use coffee grounds

It's really true, nothing is thrown away from coffee: just as the invigorating infusion can be drunk, used for household cleaning and to prepare liqueurs and desserts, coffee grounds are equally versatile.

THE coffee grounds they work as an ecological repellent against ants, snails and other insects, they can be used to fertilize garden plants or flowering plants, moreover, if placed in the fridge they are useful for eliminating bad smells and there are also those who use them to revive the brown hair color.

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