Perfect tan, useful tips

Perfect tan, useful tips

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To have a long-lasting and healthy tan, it is essential to follow some important rules.

In this regard we will show you how to be kissed by the sun without side effects; these are some golden rules that, if followed to the letter, will allow you to benefit from aperfect tan!

Perfect tan, golden rules

  • The skin scrub

Perform a full body scrub every month to eliminate dead cells and unclog pores. Use only natural products and then moisturize the skin with moisturizing oil, preferably without adding perfumes or similar products that could irritate. Always wait 24 hours before exposing yourself to the sun.

  • Moderate exposure

Tanning should be done gradually; avoid direct exposure to sunlight and apply a protective product even under an umbrella, UVB radiation, the most dangerous, filter anyway even if you don't notice it.

  • When to expose yourself to the sun

The most propitious hours to get a tan are those in the morning, until 11, and in the late afternoon after 17.

  • Like sunbathing

Avoid the classic lying position to get a tan; try to stay in motion: solar radiation is distributed evenly throughout the body.

  • Which solar to use

Choose a sunscreen based on your phototype and the time you intend to spend in the sun. Remember that you get burned not only on the beach, but also during a walk, a bike ride ...
Prefer water-resistant bronzers.
Do not put the bottle of the product in the sun, to avoid alteration of the same, and renew it every year: over time it loses its properties.

  • When to apply protection

Apply the protection at least half an hour before putting yourself in the sun and renew the application every 2 hours. Do not delay the quantity and use high protection factors in the most delicate points: nose, lips, lobes and edge of the ears, neck, hollow of the knee, back of the feet. Shake the bottle well before use to mix the two phases of the emulsion well together.
Apply sunscreen even when you are already tanned, possibly reducing the protection factor. Even if you have dark phototype skin, you still need protection to protect it from effects such as aging ...

Perfect tan, useful recommendations

  • Do not use the tanner from the previous year
  • Don't wear perfumes or make-up products when you're in the sun; they could leave unsightly spots on the skin or trigger allergic reactions
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun if you are taking drugs: it is better to contact a specialist in this regard
  • Use hats to protect the skin and dark glasses to protect the eyes from radiation
  • Eat foods rich in vitamins that can provide the skin with the right hydration
  • Drink plenty of water and often to rehydrate the body
  • After exposure to the sun, always rehydrate the skin with an after sun.

For further information, we recommend reading the article "Sunburn, how to treat and prevent them"

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